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Topic: what make you happy in life? - part 2
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Wed 06/25/14 05:12 PM
The end..laugh

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Wed 06/25/14 05:13 PM
< continued from this topic >
< part one of this topic is here >
New beginningsflowerforyou

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Thu 06/26/14 06:52 AM
Beginning at the end.. and moving my way up... laugh

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Fri 06/27/14 04:13 AM
The Wolf Conservation Center happy

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Fri 06/27/14 06:24 AM
..good conversation.. happy

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Sat 06/28/14 08:08 PM
swimming in the sun

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Sat 06/28/14 08:28 PM
my pay cheque

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Sat 06/28/14 08:28 PM
Water slide

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Sat 06/28/14 11:34 PM
A long nap after a day in the sun.

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Sun 06/29/14 10:31 PM
The purely simple everyday things which make life meaningful!

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Mon 06/30/14 01:17 PM
Being treated like a lady...flowerforyou

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Mon 06/30/14 01:26 PM
Breaking out in song and dance at random times.

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Mon 06/30/14 01:35 PM
playing video games and winning :smile:

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Mon 06/30/14 01:36 PM
Becoming an Aunt for the first time...:smile:

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Mon 06/30/14 06:59 PM
Talking to a friend

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Mon 06/30/14 10:56 PM
Weapons all kinds of weapons bo staff, jian, guan dao, naginata, roman longsword, hellebarde, 9 ring broadsword... And that's just part of the list laugh

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Mon 06/30/14 10:59 PM
takin' a midnight swim on a hot summer evening....

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Tue 07/01/14 06:22 AM
....good health, for everyone....

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Tue 07/01/14 07:40 AM
My family, my dogs, Fishing, good food and a jumbo margarita.

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Tue 07/01/14 09:46 AM

Being treated like a lady...flowerforyou

This ^_^……and a friendship that is blossoming into a true love.....smitten

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