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Topic: What are you doing? - part 12
Slim gym 's photo
Thu 04/29/21 05:41 AM
Just having a greasy spoon breakfast before heading out , to a medical appointment!!

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Thu 04/29/21 09:34 AM
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Watching tv, trying to focus, while I wonder when the heck my 2 parcels are going to arrive.
One bank holiday and Dutch post goes t*ts up, and FedEx tracking is still highly confusing.

Cloudy's photo
Thu 04/29/21 09:45 AM
In my bedroom, laying on my bed in the dark. Browsing the forums & games on M2 until my eyes tired out.

TxsGal3333's photo
Thu 04/29/21 10:58 AM
Humm eating lunch browsing the forums~~bigsmile

Slim gym 's photo
Thu 04/29/21 12:24 PM
planning my dinner menu ....ouch the day sure flew by ... especially when you are having fun on these M2 forums .....bigsmile bigsmile

RockHammer's photo
Thu 04/29/21 03:33 PM
Smoking a cigarette.

GhostOfTheGenePool's photo
Sun 05/02/21 04:09 PM
I’m taking my own advice and icing my neck.

no photo
Mon 05/03/21 05:43 AM
Having a tea

Kenzie's photo
Mon 05/03/21 05:53 AM
weekly routine chores and girly stuff like shaving my legs

GhostOfTheGenePool's photo
Mon 05/03/21 06:29 AM
Edited by GhostOfTheGenePool on Mon 05/03/21 06:30 AM
Listening to the wild animals frolic by the shore.

Tom4Uhere's photo
Mon 05/03/21 07:11 AM
Catching up on....everything!

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Tue 05/04/21 04:08 AM
Watching a travel vid on Barcelona and Catalunya, and I enjoy seeing things that I have seen myself when I was there :)
Montserrat... Gaudi... I love Gaudi's creations, it just flows and thus feels natural.

no photo
Tue 05/04/21 06:12 AM
Listening to music and posting

no photo
Tue 05/04/21 06:33 AM
yea same. just mooching around the threads :smile:

Slim gym 's photo
Tue 05/04/21 07:03 AM
getting ready to loaf around abit....

Cloudy's photo
Wed 05/05/21 01:00 AM
Watching my cat sleep, making me sleepy too on this cool rainy evening

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Wed 05/05/21 05:47 AM
Uploading the chakra cleansing and healing meditation I just recorded for my channel :)

TxsGal3333's photo
Wed 05/05/21 05:50 AM
Hummm eating breakfast, browsing the forums and listening to the tv... biggrin

Slim gym 's photo
Wed 05/05/21 05:52 AM
Mingling for awhile before setting up for daily physio

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Fri 05/07/21 07:38 AM
Uploading the Lenormand reading I just recorded...

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