Topic: How Do You feel right now? - part 21
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Fri 11/18/22 04:47 PM
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Sentimental...i just dropped my youngest son off at his first middle school dance. I don't have babies anymore I have young men.

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Fri 11/18/22 05:12 PM
I am going to be ready for work and hope to finish my work before lunch. After completing my pending work I'm going to enjoy the evening with my family.

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Fri 11/18/22 05:16 PM
Little bit perturbed. Actually a lot! Dude is getting paid 4 dollars more on the hour than me. After correcting his mistakes since September I'm being asked to retrain him.

Don't disturbed by others'luxuries, do your work with dignity and leave the rest on the destiny.

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Fri 11/18/22 05:58 PM
In lots pain and everything uncomfortable

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Fri 11/18/22 06:40 PM
Sublime !!! Went surfing in the pouring rain this morning with a group of friends . Now warm and dry ā€¦ wearing my favourite knee high socks and feeling a little mischievous :blush:

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Sat 11/19/22 08:40 AM
A helluva lot better now that I've eaten and done a few energy work things that helped my foggy head & dizziness to clear up.

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Sat 11/19/22 09:45 PM
I'm feelin' sleepy

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Sun 11/20/22 02:43 AM

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Sun 11/20/22 03:46 AM
Feeling like the weekend went by way too quickly.

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Sun 11/20/22 06:59 AM
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Fresh out of an great but intense webinar on awakening the Higher Heart chakra. :heart:
Feeling good, a lot has shifted!

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Mon 11/21/22 06:00 PM
Feeling tired. Mostly tired of doing laundry.

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Sat 11/26/22 05:45 AM
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Starting to feel quite totalled... Handyman is here and I don't have to do the work, but it always keeps me busy.
Today was a lot of "Do you have XZY?", me looking for it after finding out via translating app what exactly he needs.
Then it turned out I didn't have the right size screws & rings, to DIY, come home, rings I just bought nowhere to be found --> straight back to DIY.
Then he needs another thing he doesn't have in the right size...
And making & serving them coffee as it'd been 3,5hrs since they got here out in the cold.

I've kinda had!

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Sat 11/26/22 01:55 PM
Tired. I'm fighting of a nap so I won't be up all night but I'm not sure I'm going to win

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Sat 11/26/22 03:44 PM
Feeling content and ready to go to bed.
Feeling less happy about this stinking tea I have to drink (my own orders, lol), apple cider vinegar, chamomile, cinnamon, bit of honey. Tastes horrible because of the ACV but it's good for the liver and mine needs it so I'm going to knock it back as fast as I can laugh

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Sun 11/27/22 01:38 PM
Good and impatient, in a positive sense ---> I wanna know if my outdoor string lights are going to arrive tomorrow or not.

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Mon 11/28/22 06:09 PM
Excited to be sleeping in my own place and bed tonight.

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Mon 11/28/22 07:29 PM
My boys been sick with the stomach bug. They're feeling better and I'm starting to feel icky. sick ill

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Tue 11/29/22 04:12 AM
Hungry now need find something in the fridge

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Tue 11/29/22 07:37 AM
We have a slight dusting of snow....always excited to see the first snow. That usually fades real fast when it starts to pile up. But for now...I'm loving itsmile2

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Tue 11/29/22 10:56 AM
Iā€™m seriously freezing right now