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Sun 04/17/22 07:53 PM
Flop on the bed and ask him what movie we're watching.

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Fri 04/15/22 04:05 PM
Poke him awake and ask him in a whisper "hey, you sleepin?"

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Fri 04/15/22 04:01 PM
Blood sucking Ticks!

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Tue 04/12/22 05:59 AM
Burnt out.

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Tue 04/12/22 05:55 AM
Classic shaving cream in hand and feather to the face prank.

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Tue 04/12/22 05:43 AM
My first answer is no. I don't believe in forever. I sometimes doubt myself though when doing laundry.

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Thu 04/07/22 05:23 PM

Baked potato or fries?

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Thu 04/07/22 06:25 AM
I feel ready for a good vacation. It's been since July of 2019 thanks to the pandemic. Had some nice weekends off but hardly seems enough.

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Thu 04/07/22 06:11 AM
All the construction noise here at my work.

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Wed 04/06/22 01:12 PM

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Wed 04/06/22 12:19 PM
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Now I see why you got so quiet. Lol well done there ol chap!

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Wed 04/06/22 12:16 PM
Show him how im good at escaping handcuffs. biggrin

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Wed 04/06/22 12:12 PM
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Try making sure things are light and calm around you.
Keep yourself up.
Keep up your surroundings.
Be positive.
Buy some alluring clothing.
Make a romantic setting.
There are lots of things to renew a relationship you can try. I would start by asking my partner.

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Wed 04/06/22 12:05 PM
Punch him awake and ask him why he let my favorite game in the forums die???

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Wed 04/06/22 11:38 AM
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Pumpi maybe?

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Wed 04/06/22 11:37 AM
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Sun 10/24/21 10:13 AM
Permanent marker mustache. To help hide him from his "stalkers".

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Sun 10/24/21 10:09 AM

Why would anyone start a thread headlined "Now That Trump Has Gone"???

Most information outlets (they aren't news outlets), both TV and written information outlets, Trump is one of their main topics.

While he is no longer the resident of the White House he has continued to live rent free in heads of many media personalities.

By no measure is he gone, neither his haters or supporters have let him go.

waving Where have you been hiding?

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Sun 10/24/21 12:19 AM
I'm just gonna go with Mark lol

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Sat 10/23/21 01:50 PM
I change my hair color like you change your user name. Lol.
I wonder what he was like as a kid?

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