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Wed 03/03/21 03:08 PM

I just discovered this after one of my friend from africa got her lover online.She was from USA but she travelled all the way to come and meet him here..i liked it so much he inspired me..

Looks like someone has been watching "90 day fiance"

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Mon 03/01/21 12:27 PM

I used to, but since living here with only sheers in the living room and no curtains in either bedroom or the bathroom, I've gotten used to not worrying about privacy. The kitchen window has a valance, and there's a curtain at the kitchen table, but that's it.

I was going to put a curtain in my bedroom, but it would block the moonlight from shining on me while I sleep. Plus there's a privacy fence outside and the window is high enough that the person would have to be 7ft tall to see in. The bathroom window can be seen by the neighbor if he's on his deck, but he's gay, so I don't care. laugh Kidding, I usually wait until the window is nice and steamy before getting into the shower.

Surprisingly, I actually like it better this way. With it being a mobile home, it can get pretty dark in here. Not having curtains, and only sheers in the living room helps lighten it up quite a bit. And the neighborhood is a very safe and quiet neighborhood, not sure I'd do it like this anywhere else.

What's your address? lol....KIDDING!

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Mon 03/01/21 12:25 PM
Have you checked the nursing homes?

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Mon 03/01/21 09:56 AM

You wake up handcuffed to the bed. Phone gone, wallet gone, pants gone, and dignity gone.

We won't ask, lol

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Thu 02/25/21 12:40 PM

Biden: "Wear your masks people!!"......Then literally leaves the podium 20 seconds later to talk to his team WITHOUT mask until Kamala whispers in his ear to put on his mask.

And this is the guy who provides comfort to the libs???

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Thu 02/25/21 09:38 AM
Yes, let's. I've been to the Philippines a few times now and would love to meet some Pinay's in S. California too.

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Tue 02/23/21 02:21 PM
Thank you for the replies. I'm on their website with my pc. I don't have the app. Looks like they may be looking into this or its just not possible anymore. Thanks again for replying.

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Tue 02/23/21 12:55 PM
I've seen profiles with several interests listed here OTHER THAN what are the listed options. Also, I've seen complete sentences written in this section other than just the listed options. I'm talking about where the red/orange letters are. How is this being done? I've tried several different ways and thus far, my ONLY option is to pick from the list provided only. I cannot write other interests or anything else there yet I see many that do. Does anyone know how this is being done? Thanks!

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Mon 02/22/21 01:39 PM
Ever notice how liberals never discuss policies? It's always "Trump is a bad man, Biden is good man" EMOTIONAL stuff. It's never policies because there's just no defending Biden's decisions on cancelling Keystone pipeline, letting illegal aliens in, trans competing against women in sports, his instinct to NOT take out Osama Bid Laden when we did, and other IMPORTANT decisions. Nope, it's always emotional "feel good" stuff for the libs.

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Sun 02/21/21 09:26 AM

What they really need is a filter for people who have not used the site for many months or even years.

Yes! Can't be too tough to do that.

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Fri 02/19/21 09:26 AM
I think of President Duterte and his idiotic move away from the USA and towards China. The Philippines will regret that big time, sooner rather than later.

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Fri 02/19/21 09:24 AM
What Bart said above: :thumbsup:

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Fri 02/19/21 09:23 AM

A cult is where people mindlessly follow some sort of doctrine, or leader.

I would think many on the right fit that definition.

Not to me. For more than 200 years this country has had the same moral values and standards of how Americans lived their life. Law and order, religious freedoms, and the freedom to live and love the way YOU choose to. There have been very bad decisions made by politicians and we as citizens are part to blame because it’s easier to go with the flow than fight for what we know deep down is the right thing.However for the past generation or two we have seen enormous improvements in how we treat others of all races. Now all of the sudden we are going backwards in demonizing White people or anybody who likes individual freedoms. We can no longer express our opinions without fallout from others who don’t agree with us. We will be unable to protect a lot of our borders and what gets in and some people are ok with that. Now we are going to lesson our commitments to our allies and deal with countries that teach their kids “ Death to America.”. We also have some elected officials that find nothing wrong with full term abortions or even after birth abortions. Why not just give them a 1 week trial period. If your not satisfied bring that baby back and we will abort it then. Many other things I could go on about that most Americans find disgusting. So I’m my opinion the ones who support these crazy liberal Democratic policies is the real cult. But I have the faith to know these practices will not succeed .maybe at worse a little pause before we get back to being the America that real Americans can be proud of again.

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Mon 02/15/21 09:36 AM
It's not a myth. At all. The stories I could tell would give some rock stars and pro sports stars a run for their money.

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Sat 02/13/21 02:37 PM
Next question?

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Sat 02/13/21 02:35 PM
Answer: Yes

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Fri 02/12/21 07:36 PM
You're obviously better at giving sound advice than you are about defining terms like "hot".

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Thu 02/11/21 06:38 PM

"I need a woman". There is your very first problem/issue right there.

RCB has some good info above.

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Tue 02/02/21 04:45 PM
Most women: "Married"

Clueless men: "Married"

Smart men: "Not a chance in hell I'll take those odds and risk half my wealth on a totally and completely one sided equation".

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Tue 02/02/21 04:33 PM
You made a mistake on your age range conditions required to contact you. You have "256-55" written. Not sure if that will affect your responses but I'm guessing you meant "25-55".