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Fri 02/03/23 05:42 PM
I'm just now seeing it and it looks decent enough to me. But I'm just a straight, white, college educated man so my white privilege might get in the way of a fair critique.

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Fri 02/03/23 02:17 PM
The bigger question is why you would want to find a man like that so badly but whatever.

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Fri 02/03/23 01:05 PM
When everything is racist nowadays, it severely dilutes the term. I've noticed those screaming racist the most are often equally or more racist than the original "offender".

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Fri 02/03/23 12:35 PM

Either joe Biden is the spineless ineffective shell of a leader we thought he was or he and his family are so bound by ties to communist China that he lets China float a ballon over the United States that is collecting vital info and send that same info back to china. He should have ordered it shot down already. His defense dept. says the actions of China flying a spy ballon over our military bases , and nuke sites is unacceptable as they watch it and apparently “ accept it” …. This administration is a total cluster#uck when it comes to securing the United States.
He never ceases to disappoint and do the OPPOSITE of what should be done and putting our country in danger (China balloon, the US border, race baiting, soft on crime, etc). This is the "Uniter in Chief" we were promised?

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Thu 02/02/23 12:18 PM
Her name was Meera, she was from Delhi. ;)

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Mon 01/30/23 05:34 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Mon 01/30/23 05:35 PM

It’s crazy Biden wants to spend 100s of billions of $ on the US southern border but not one cent of that $$$ is for securing the border. Since oct. of last year there have been 100s of thousands of “ got aways “ no way of knowing if they are terrorists or what. Our government is spending taxpayers $$ for 1000s of hotel rooms to house these illegal immigrants while American citizens sleep in cardboard box’s in the streets. Now because of Biden pulling border gaurds from our northern border the illegal crossings coming through Canada has increased about 400%. And the Biden administration keeps telling us the borders are secure…. They haven’t come for the citizens homes yet but with these bunch of woke minded democrats in charge you never know…” out of my cold dead hands “comes to mind.
Yet still people vote Democrat. Unbelievable. I'm retired but I hope all those Democrats going to work tomorrow (do they even work?) are happy knowing they are working to pay for hotel rooms for illegals while veterans are on our streets. The illegals are now refusing to leave the hotels, DEMANDING that they wont accept the new location they need to move to (for free no less). Enjoy working for the UNGRATEFUL illegals tomorrow Dems. Your bleeding hearts were tricked once again now you/we will all pay the price for years into the future.

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Sun 01/29/23 06:10 PM

Mmmmm... backstage during a show at Caesar's Palace in Vegas..trying to avoid having the whole thing shown on the ceiling for peeps to watch.
That was YOU???!!

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Sun 01/29/23 09:55 AM

For me it's 2 hills together and a cave filled with cold lava.
COLD lava? Doesn't sound so enticing

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Sun 01/29/23 07:50 AM
It's fairly well accepted now in the US, it's the shoving it down our throats (no pun intended) that gets annoying and doesn't help their cause.

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Sun 01/29/23 07:46 AM
I like 68......I owe ya one.

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Thu 01/26/23 11:32 AM
CNN....enough said.

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Fri 01/20/23 07:55 AM

Online dating has a lot of scammers. Not everyone on the site has good intentions. I equally get irrelevant and unnecessary messages, my advise is delete, block and move on. There is someone for everyone. Stay positive!
or deactivate?

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Fri 01/20/23 07:54 AM

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Mon 01/16/23 06:08 PM
I/we haven't posted here in awhile because, well, if we posted every mistake or mental challenge Biden makes, this would be a daily subject.

With that said, I just wanted to keep everyone up to speed in the likely event your favorite news channel isn't covering it. Not sure if I can post links here (never have) so you can just google:

"Biden forgets MLK's daughter in law during birthday song" January 2023. More to come I'm sure.

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Thu 01/12/23 02:14 PM

That’s ironic coming from a citizen of the Abbott led mess that is Texas. Your Senator runs and hides in Mexico while your fellow Texans were freezing. The Republican Senate under McConnell is the party of just say No since January of 2009. It’s hard to get anything passed in Congress when one party is bent on pure obstruction. Watch what unfolds in the next year with the Republican majority in the House. If their first 3 days is any indication there won’t be many substantive bills being passed. No focus on the needs of the citizens of the country. Just vengeful and partisan investigations and committee appointments. There’s the disgrace of Santos from NY3 that McCarthy won’t address straight on. The Republicans claim they were elected to put America first. So far it’s just how do they keep themselves in power. STOP voting for Republicans. They’re incapable of actual governing.

Lol, that’s hysterical. After 4 years of investigations based on lies , all the sudden the dems are interested in actuall governing. Laughable at best. The investigations need to be done in order to hold these corrupt democrats , from Joe to Hunter , and a whole batch of idiotic policies he has put in place. Joe blew up the economy and his liberal deciples have blew up the criminal justice system. The democrats ignore the souther border and the greatest invasion ever committed against this country. Millions of illegal immigrants roaming around the country with no way to know where they are or what their up to…..Joe Biden and the democrats win in 2020 was one of the worst outcomes for America in present history. Now he will be a lame duck for the rest of his term, that is good for America because we can’t take much more of his idea of “ unifying the country “.
Bart 1, Soccerref 0

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Wed 01/11/23 08:13 AM

Looks like they want us all to start paying
Looks like that will never happen. I'll be outta here in an instant

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Tue 01/10/23 09:00 AM
Just noticed this myself. No more daily free chats?

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Fri 01/06/23 12:47 PM
I like his style. If I were an older woman, I'd give him a shot.

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Sun 01/01/23 03:02 PM

In other words thank God I was born in America where I can speak freely:thumbsup: .
Yes, kind of. Seems to be changing rather quickly for the worse. Just try disparaging a certain race, even with facts, and see how that goes. Or using "bad" words such as "***, stupid, douche, idiot", etc. on yahoo comments, it will be blocked as being too "offensive" for public viewing. And now all this woke nonsense with some wanting special "pronouns" to describe themselves and their made up new sex. It's changing rapidly if people don't stand up for free speech.

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Fri 12/30/22 01:03 PM
Lose the wife beater shirt

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