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Sun 01/29/23 07:50 AM
It's fairly well accepted now in the US, it's the shoving it down our throats (no pun intended) that gets annoying and doesn't help their cause.

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Sun 01/29/23 07:46 AM
I like 68......I owe ya one.

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Thu 01/26/23 11:32 AM
CNN....enough said.

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Fri 01/20/23 07:55 AM

Online dating has a lot of scammers. Not everyone on the site has good intentions. I equally get irrelevant and unnecessary messages, my advise is delete, block and move on. There is someone for everyone. Stay positive!
or deactivate?

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Fri 01/20/23 07:54 AM

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Mon 01/16/23 06:08 PM
I/we haven't posted here in awhile because, well, if we posted every mistake or mental challenge Biden makes, this would be a daily subject.

With that said, I just wanted to keep everyone up to speed in the likely event your favorite news channel isn't covering it. Not sure if I can post links here (never have) so you can just google:

"Biden forgets MLK's daughter in law during birthday song" January 2023. More to come I'm sure.

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Thu 01/12/23 02:14 PM

That’s ironic coming from a citizen of the Abbott led mess that is Texas. Your Senator runs and hides in Mexico while your fellow Texans were freezing. The Republican Senate under McConnell is the party of just say No since January of 2009. It’s hard to get anything passed in Congress when one party is bent on pure obstruction. Watch what unfolds in the next year with the Republican majority in the House. If their first 3 days is any indication there won’t be many substantive bills being passed. No focus on the needs of the citizens of the country. Just vengeful and partisan investigations and committee appointments. There’s the disgrace of Santos from NY3 that McCarthy won’t address straight on. The Republicans claim they were elected to put America first. So far it’s just how do they keep themselves in power. STOP voting for Republicans. They’re incapable of actual governing.

Lol, that’s hysterical. After 4 years of investigations based on lies , all the sudden the dems are interested in actuall governing. Laughable at best. The investigations need to be done in order to hold these corrupt democrats , from Joe to Hunter , and a whole batch of idiotic policies he has put in place. Joe blew up the economy and his liberal deciples have blew up the criminal justice system. The democrats ignore the souther border and the greatest invasion ever committed against this country. Millions of illegal immigrants roaming around the country with no way to know where they are or what their up to…..Joe Biden and the democrats win in 2020 was one of the worst outcomes for America in present history. Now he will be a lame duck for the rest of his term, that is good for America because we can’t take much more of his idea of “ unifying the country “.
Bart 1, Soccerref 0

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Wed 01/11/23 08:13 AM

Looks like they want us all to start paying
Looks like that will never happen. I'll be outta here in an instant

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Tue 01/10/23 09:00 AM
Just noticed this myself. No more daily free chats?

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Fri 01/06/23 12:47 PM
I like his style. If I were an older woman, I'd give him a shot.

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Sun 01/01/23 03:02 PM

In other words thank God I was born in America where I can speak freely:thumbsup: .
Yes, kind of. Seems to be changing rather quickly for the worse. Just try disparaging a certain race, even with facts, and see how that goes. Or using "bad" words such as "***, stupid, douche, idiot", etc. on yahoo comments, it will be blocked as being too "offensive" for public viewing. And now all this woke nonsense with some wanting special "pronouns" to describe themselves and their made up new sex. It's changing rapidly if people don't stand up for free speech.

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Fri 12/30/22 01:03 PM
Lose the wife beater shirt

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Tue 12/20/22 06:03 PM

what about a virgin guy who wants a women show how its done
I can draw you a picture if you're not sure where things go.

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Tue 12/20/22 10:22 AM

haha Blondey , I'd like to actually meet one of those women, they are a rare breed :smile:
Women open to a "sex only" type relationship is not nearly as rare as you think. In fact, its fairly common, at least here in the US. The problem is, does one wish to jump through the hoops, delays, wasted time, etc. to get such sex? For me, it's just not worth the effort if sex is the only goal. The older I get, the less I'm willing to put up with.

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Sun 12/18/22 09:13 AM

Love watching Live WebCams of cities around the world. Theres a WebCam at my favorite beach. I watch the ocean tides and boats going by in the distance.

Is there a recommended site for watching these webcams around the world?

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Sat 12/17/22 01:03 PM

Thanks John … I am well aware of New Zealand’s immigration policy and refugee quota :/). Yes we are a small isolated island nation bigsmile

As I have already said .. my issue is with the resentment , intolerance and hate directed towards migrants /refugees . You demonstrated that clearly with your comment about rape and murder . The capacity for crime exists in everyone . How many American citizens commit rape/murder ? You are entitled to see my comments as self righteous no doubt .. we see our world from a very different perspective .. :angel:
For me, they could all be nuns and I'd still want them coming in in an orderly, legal, and vetted way. It's about law and order if nothing else.

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Fri 12/16/22 01:42 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 12/16/22 01:43 PM

I do not understand why people are so selfish and territorial when it comes to “ownership” of a country .:angel:

As for refugees .. perhaps Cyrax will share his experiences of life in Germany. Refugees are generally given citizenship in their new country and they have the same rights and entitlements as other citizens .
We WANT immigrants, we just want it done LEGALLY, in an orderly fashion, and VETTING done first. There's a limit as to how many and how fast they should come. Also, its more than just refugees/immigrants. We have a SERIOUS fentanyl drug problem coming across the border killing tens of thousands. I live at the border, I've seen it with my own eyes. Contrary to some people's belief, its REAL and happening daily. Its far more than being "selfish" and territorial. It's common sense to do things orderly and lawfully, not this free for all currently going on.

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Fri 12/16/22 12:11 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 12/16/22 12:17 PM

Since you mention "150 countries" I'm assuming you're not just talking about Mexicans.

It's always weird to me that people in some other countries think that "no other country" has that problem.

The EU have taken on more than 2x as many refugees than the US!!
Our countries our overrun, our social security systems drained, same for health insurance, - all at the expense of the Dutch citizens (and the same in Germany, France, Spain, UK, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and so on."

There are no houses for us anymore, "us" being Dutch people, so people now end up living in caravans (what you call mobile homes), or forced to stay with parents etc. Many cannot afford to pay bills, buy food and so on with the current high prices, refugees get it all for free or as good as.
And refugees DO get houses!!! They empty houses for them, or build new ones for them.

Then it makes the news that these poor refugees are sleeping in the streets, even the camps have run out of space for them.
Lot of to-do, because OMG this is SO sad!!
While our own people end up in the street because of this situation and NO ONE mentions that, doesn't make the news either.

And they keep adding refugees, EU forces us to.
We now have Ukrainians coming in droves. These are generally very decent people, but we simply have no space, no homes, our treasury is empty -has been for decades I think- but we must be humanitarian and take on more, and more.

The US isn't even in the top 10 of countries that take on board the highest % of refugees.
So if you think you got it bad...

Thanks for some insight into the EU.

I was pointing out that we have a run on our border and our administration is doing NOTHING about it. In fact, they are encouraging the migration to the US which should concern everyone here in the US but half the country is oblivious or doesn't care. Many of those problems you mentioned are real, will happen here, and I can't understand why more are not watching the events that are unfolding and demanding action. It will get much worse before it gets any better here unfortunately.

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Fri 12/16/22 10:25 AM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 12/16/22 10:30 AM

They used to detained them and deported them back to Mexico before, they're not doing that anymore?
You're serious, so I'll be as nice as possible in saying "No, not even close!". Some people criticize Fox News yet they have been the ONLY organization who has had a reporter and drones there at the border for the last 2 years, everyday, covering it. Just within the last few days, 2 LONG years later after millions have come into the USA illegally and NOT deported, are a few other networks finally going down to the border to see what's going on. TWO YEARS after they started coming in mass. It's unfathomable how anyone in this country, no matter what your politics, can see this live on television and not take it seriously. Do yourself a favor and turn the channel once in awhile so you can see what's going on with the border. Only ONE channel has covered this consistently since Biden/Harris invited them all to come. Love Fox or hate Fox, someone who truly wanted answers, was "Independent" or wanted another viewpoint would check it out and educate themselves.

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Fri 12/16/22 06:59 AM

A penis.

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