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Thu 09/15/22 01:41 PM
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You got to love how these hypocrats tell us if you think the election was stolen from trump than you are a white supremeist, and a destroyer of democracy , and should be disqualified to hold office , but I have seen many videos of Hillary , VP Harris , and many others saying how the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary. And they still say that. But I guess lies and deception instead of truth and ethics rule in the Democratic Party. And now according to the polls only 38% of the American people think joe Biden and his administration are competent. How many people here on mingle 2 are in that 38%. And if any, why?

As of today it is 42.3% approval. Don’t hate me. Just saying :wink:
Shocks me how ANYONE can watch what is happening at our border and think this is ok. Border security is one of the few mandatory jobs any administration is required to do. Biden/Harris shouldn't be in office due to this one issue alone, let alone all the others! Insane to think 40% of Americans are ok with this and will give it a pass.

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Wed 09/14/22 09:51 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Wed 09/14/22 10:33 PM

Not sure where I got that number. It’s not beyond belief with the disorganization on the border . Border patrol has already told us they have caught many on the terror watch list it’s not unrealistic that some have got in. And now news is coming out that “ the deep vetting of afghans was actually not much vetting at all if any. So chances are good that people on that list have slipped in under this presidents watch. Just like that story of the bodega owner. No comment from you on that, only 🦗. If you would watch Fox News you would know that not everything under this administration is all hunky dory. Watch Brett Baer if you don’t like Tucker. But your missing a whole other side by limiting yourself to only pro democrat / anti Trump broadcasters. No Trump didn’t stop immigrants from coming to this country. He did however have the influx of immigrants under control to where the border patrol could do the job they were meant to do. Protect our borders not change diapers and hand out free phones . Since when is calling someone or thing out for doing a lousy job politicizing. The U.S. should be #1 or #2 in educating our children but I would be surprised if we are in the top 10 . Liberals would rather teach our elementary age kids about trans sexual and drag queens instead of 2+2. No the Trump administration wasn’t involved in Twitter sensoring or deleting comments they disagreed with. No Trump wasn’t supporting the abortion rulings that let women abort at full term. Why would anybody? Again these are Biden’s choices not Trumps

True. I don't watch Fox News. But to be fair, I got rid of my cable service & only get local news, so no Fox, OANN, NewsMax or even CNN or MSNBC. If you're getting all hopped up about something in a bodega, it must be national news that my local CBS affiliate just dropped in the interest of time. I'll try to remember to cry myself to sleep for missing Bret Baier.

Trump didn't control the influx of immigrants. Just locked up a bunch of children at the border in an effort to scare away the rest, which might have worked if those others had watched Bret Baier, as you recommend. They didn't. Now that Biden's in office, border arrests are actually up, so the "terrorists" are less likely to get through, but good luck with your estimates.

From your knowledge on the subject, Baier may have let you down when reporting about trans kids and drag queens. Sure, it's discussed, but it's not THE lesson. CRT isn't a lesson at all. Probably more to do with funding and radical school boards that our math scores are deteriorating. School districts across the country are stripping out music (linked to higher math scores) and deleting arts & humanities, turning education systems into prisons.
So all this blather you spout on here is based on your watching your local channel of a whopping 45,000 residents, outside San Francisco, CA of all places? Folks, there's your answer to Mortimer.

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Tue 09/13/22 06:56 PM

Hey everyone, I just joined up and was encouraged to see a number of single ladies close to where I live. Not sure if they're actually people and not bots, but what the heck it doesn't hurt to try.

Remember how easy it was to make new friends when you were a kid? Man, it is really hard when you're in your 40s. I don't even know where to begin. It would be nice if a website could deliver up a caring and committed relationship on a silver platter, but somehow I doubt it's gonna be that easy. Probably what needs to happen is I need to go out into the real world and make some real human connections, grow my social network slowly over time, and then I'll probably meet some people who are about right for me to date.

But that sounds like a lot of work, so I think I'll goof around on the Internet instead! See ya around, maybe. laugh
Well said, I like it.

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Sun 09/11/22 10:48 AM

I'm sure ya'all of heard the term "laugh like a hyena "? Well , for the longest time,I've had this fantasy of dressing like a hyena and going to a movie and laughing like a hyena, at a. inappropriate moment ,oops time for my meds.
a 92 year old hyena? I think the joke would be on you.

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Fri 09/09/22 05:45 PM
1.5, room for improvement.

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Fri 09/09/22 05:40 PM
Chop it off, change genders, and start complaining about pronouns. Seems to be the current fad. Good luck

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Wed 09/07/22 06:22 PM
Welcome. You came to the right place if you are looking for elusive.

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Wed 09/07/22 08:55 AM
You're new here so you get a pass. There are TONS of scammers on this site. Other sites as well. In fact, the chances of a "woman" contacting you first being a scammer is much higher than it being a real woman. I shouldn't have to say this but men are so stupid sometimes I will: Don't send any money to any "woman" you've never met in person. Common sense stuff. Good luck

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Tue 09/06/22 04:09 PM

I read the article you posted, not very convincing. I never read that he denounced it , only that he didn’t support defunding but said he agrees with their principles. Reform means you don’t agree with the way police have been protecting citizens for 200 plus years, and you want to change that. How about reforming the criminals by locking them up and not releasing them to commit more crimes on innocent people. Let’s start there and the democrats police problem will fix itself.

There are plenty of problems with the police. It's not okay to steal money with "civil forfeiture" and murder unarmed citizens under "qualified immunity." Some officers turn off their body camera before beating suspects and/or planting evidence, then file false police reports. Some things need to be fixed.

If You Truely Want to Help Fix Problems in Our Country. May I suggest You Take in a Few Hundred Illegal Aliens from the Mexican Border, Into Your Home, and the Bruno Area.
He never will. Nor will any other Democrat. It just makes them FEEL better about themselves to position themselves as caring about others. Heck, even Lori Lightfoot, the loser Governor of Chicago, a sanctuary city, is crying over just TWO buses of illegals shipped to her city. Dems are all about FEELINGS/EMOTIONS, not logic, reality or common sense.

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Tue 09/06/22 02:33 PM

Let's see, I've been celibate now for more than 42 years. How's that for willpower?
I think we have a "winner", or do we? Hmmm....

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Tue 09/06/22 09:48 AM
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Looking for fun?
Wanna explore?
Wanna teach me how tos?

Drop you viber. F2F only.
She dropped her vibrator??!!!

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Tue 09/06/22 09:12 AM
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Of corse your Not buying it, more like selling it. Explain how that works that we are a nation of laws when these democrat DAs are letting violent criminals go without bail. But they want to hold the victim responsible for defending himself. And don’t deny it just because you don’t see it on your MSM.

Got any examples?
He could list them, as there are plenty of examples, but why? You're dug in, head in the sand, unable to see anything outside of your limited beliefs.

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Sun 09/04/22 10:30 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Sun 09/04/22 10:40 PM
Pretty horrible as a 62 y/o man. Less horrible, but still horrible, if you were an 18 yr old kid (punk rock, sci fi). Overall, horrible.

You're welcome.

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Sat 09/03/22 10:48 AM
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Open to all, but I'm curious how the Democrats here feel about the rising crime we are seeing?

Forgetting about Trump vs. Biden, are you OK with this large crime spike due to defunding police, demonizing police departments, liberal DA's, and current POLICIES on the left? Serious question.

What police department has been defunded?
See above

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Fri 09/02/22 08:15 PM

With all the videos of antifa, blm, and some democratic reps. marching , carrying signs calling for death to cops . Liberal Mayors throwing their own police force under the bus. No wonder these thugs are acting like animals ( they SHOULD be shot like animals.) . What I can’t figure out is what is the reasoning behind these liberals pro crime policies and anti cop stance. Just because the liberal rant changes when people start taking notice, doesn’t mean we didn’t acknowledge their true beliefs.

No Liberal Reps called for the death of cops. None of those people are pro-crime, either. Maybe you're confusing some Conservative pundits angry about the FBI serving search warrants on Trump, or you take internet comment sections too seriously.
Oh, "Nothing to see here", is that it? You don't have to publicly boldly say "I am pro crime" to have policies that are, in fact, increasing crime. From Kamala's plead for everyone to contribute to bail out the blm rioters, soft on crime DA's, keeping the border porous, etc. etc. it is in fact contributing to an alarming increase in crime. You can't seriously believe otherwise.

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Tue 08/30/22 12:54 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Tue 08/30/22 01:10 PM
Unbelievable. Democrats are now for FUNDING the Police after 3 years of bringing this country to its knees in crime by defunding them! Suddenly, we are supposed to forget all the IRREPARABLE damage the Dems have done to this country and all their calls for "Defund the Police". As if it never happened! As if VP CamelToe Harris didn't call for help in bailing out the rioters. The gall they have to think they can suddenly pretend they are now on the side of Police and nobody will notice their change, coincidentally, just before the midterms

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Sat 08/27/22 08:33 AM

Everybody in the white house from the president to his mouth piece at the podium must have chit for brains. They tell us this loan forgiveness deal will pay for itself from the loan payments they collect from the students that got their loans after June of this year. They admit they don’t know how much this plan will cost the American tax payer, so how can they say with any bit of confidence that this policy will be off setting. Another case of lying to get votes… I think trade school student loans will be exempt from this policy. With all the money they are planning on spending on new infrastructure they will need many welders and plumbers and electricians, But they must keep paying their loans. All this plus some of his other policies just show how he feels about the common person. The power elitists are the ones he is loyal to….

Economists know it will pay for itself, even without knowing the exact cost because of the magnitude of the returns. Higher-educated people tend to make way more money than uneducated people, so if the multiple is much more than 1, then the number of recipients won't matter. Also, trade school student can use this program, especially if they received Pell grants. They just have to have student loans.
If I'm reading this correctly, you are somehow saying that because Biden is giving 10K/20K away for college degrees that these college degrees will more than pay for themselves because those with degrees earn more. Did I get that right?

The only problem with that theory is that these loans/degrees were already there. This money didn't encourage anyone to go seek an education, thus not a single extra dime would have been earned that would not already be earned. However, it did in fact add to the country's deficit for pretty much no reason whatsoever but to buy the votes.

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Thu 08/25/22 04:54 PM
Tats = automatic pass

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Wed 08/24/22 01:01 PM
In the year 2022, her best bodypart is probably her penis.

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Wed 08/24/22 09:58 AM
Unbelievable what Biden just did. The list of his out of touch policies just keeps growing.

How anyone but those spoiled college kids who got $10K wiped off their loans (for the rest of us to pay by the way) can still vote Democrat boggles the mind.

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