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Wed 08/24/22 08:16 AM
All this "king", "queen", "princess" crap makes me want to puke

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Mon 08/22/22 08:58 AM

Nudges not working on Aug. 20. Wasted a dozen coins. Please fix.
Nudges are worthless! Don't waste your coins or money on them. If you are going to reach out, send a normal/regular email even if it costs more.

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Sun 08/21/22 08:00 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Sun 08/21/22 08:01 PM
Regardless of any feedback you may receive, I enjoy your stories.

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Sun 08/21/22 03:40 PM
Good on you for still being sexually active into your 70's, but shouldn't you be bringing SOMETHING to the table? Afterall, your wishes (demands) don't seem in line to what you have to offer.

Oh yeah, and that joke about being 56? Good one, lol. Maybe that's your shtick, being so funny the younger girls panties just fall right down. Heck, its worth a try.

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Sat 08/20/22 09:11 AM

I don't see evidence that any crime trends are due to defunding police or demonizing police departments. Maybe you have it backwards, as some towns disband their police departments because the police misbehave.
I try REALLY hard to see your point of view and look at things from the other side, but when one can just ignore the reality of what's going on out there and reduce it to an article about ONE town, in Alabama no less, with just 2,000 people, it just doesn't scream "I'm aware of what's going on out there". Or worse, "I'm aware but I just can't get myself to admit the Dems have alot to do with it so I'll just toss out this one tidbit I found online to hopefully detract".

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Fri 08/19/22 02:16 PM
Open to all, but I'm curious how the Democrats here feel about the rising crime we are seeing?

Forgetting about Trump vs. Biden, are you OK with this large crime spike due to defunding police, demonizing police departments, liberal DA's, and current POLICIES on the left? Serious question.

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Thu 08/18/22 04:02 PM

You have lovely moobs. The profile will likely not yield many results. I'd suggest a different approach, but that's me. Good luck!

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Tue 08/16/22 09:32 PM

Seems Google is undecided .. says also the word is a code used by scammers . I guess the context of what she said before the word is likely more relevant as to what she meant .
I, too, have heard that if you see that, its most likely a scammer. Tread cautiously

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Sat 08/13/22 05:12 PM

I only log in to report fakes and chance of any relationship here.
That seems odd

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Fri 08/12/22 12:06 PM
"Hello it's me"

Todd Rundgren, 1972

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Fri 08/12/22 10:43 AM

why boys like sex more then girl is this true that girls dont like sex .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yes, that's true. You should leave now.

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Thu 08/11/22 08:17 AM

So your looking on your phone at someone and it lists the City that they are in but not the State.

Fine, we all know where Detroit, Atalanta and LA are but how about listing the States along with the Cities, can't get too excited if they live thousands of miles away!
Don't bother. The site owners could care less about suggestions on improving this site.

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Wed 08/10/22 08:20 PM
You want a girl to drive around with you in your electric vehicle?

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Sun 08/07/22 03:11 PM
Any nice, normal women in Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria area? I'd love to talk with you. Thanks!

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Sat 08/06/22 03:36 PM

Am i the oNLY person who knows exactly what he is saying? He's being serious and you are all giving goofy answers. I would prefer he not be so obvious...but on the other hand no one else seems to see the obvious request. JMO ---oops! someone else understood and he is deleted. that's GOOD.

We know exactly what he is saying which is why this "bi bottom looking for hung guy" advertising his needs is not getting taken seriously here.

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Wed 08/03/22 03:11 PM

the coins left my account more features above left of my photo:thinking:

now its there...and ive got 40 coins now

Same here :joy: I keep on ignoring it anyway. My two main contact are added to my FB Messenger list for ages anyway. So if this coin baloney stays the same, I am seriously considering calling it a day here :zipper_mouth:
When you lose Larsi, you know you've gone too far.

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Wed 08/03/22 09:32 AM
Nudges were overpriced even when they were free. Pretty useless.

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Wed 08/03/22 08:48 AM

Finally, store owners are fighting back and taking advantage of their 2nd amendment right. In the past 2 weeks we’ve seen 1 thug stabbed and killed while attacking a “ push over old man” . That thug is now a good thug, he’s dead!.. and now we have another example of self defense. 2 thugs went in a liquor store with illegal assault weapons, raised the gun at the 80 year old store owner, who shot first , with a legally bought gun, shooting the thugs arm off according to one of those thugs” while running out of the store screaming like a child and empty handed. These store owners should be givin a accommodation from the community. Hopefully these thugs will get the message before they are the next mornings news story. But if that’s what it takes than more power to the moms and pops running these stores.
Is it bad that I freaking LOVE videos like this when the victim fights back and wins? The youtube channel "Active Self Protection" has tons of these type videos. Highly recommended

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Tue 08/02/22 01:08 PM
This site is starting to remind me of Biden....doing everything in their power to F everything up and make worse than before, not better. Pretty unbelievable really how tone deaf this site is.

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Tue 08/02/22 01:04 PM

fyi . it's not against forum rules
My advice: Call your credit card and cancel/dispute.

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