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Mon 11/07/22 08:02 AM

I forgot my password how do I change it


I’m done!

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Sat 11/05/22 05:45 PM
Be right there

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Fri 11/04/22 10:19 AM

Uh what?
I wrote that because when I looked at your profile, it showed you were "deactivated". It was only about 30 minutes after you posted so maybe its because you were just setting it up, or a glitch, who knows? Regardless, welcome.

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Thu 11/03/22 03:32 PM
The dude only lasted 45 minutes here, lol.

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Thu 11/03/22 03:31 PM
I was never overly worried about it nor am I to this day. With that said, I do seem to have noticed a worsening of service all around. I think companies used and are using the Covid excuse to have less employees on hand and its certainly noticeable.

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Sun 10/30/22 12:54 PM

What are you talking about! Anyone can view anybody's profile, unless one is apprehensive of being thought of as homo!
We were talking about OTHER sites, not this one.

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Sun 10/30/22 11:27 AM

wavingHey Bonnieflowerforyou

@Mr Good Guy - On that site, I can't see the profiles of the ladies; but I've always wondered if the men are seeing as many politically written profiles as the ladies do.

I do think it's smart for individuals to put it on their profile, if they're that adamant about which party their partner should support. It saves people, like me, a bunch of time since we're totally turned off from someone whose every convo leads to something political.

@lonely guy - I had a similar experience...and I also do not care which party you're supporting. Both his radio and television volume was turned up to 100 it felt like. He kept asking "what did you say?" throughout dinner, not thinking that perhaps he should turn down/off one or both. But, my job is not to change I didn't ask him to turn them off/down either. So, I'd just smile and say something completely different (because I'm not into repeating myself just for the heck of it), without raising my voice any louder.

Totally could have saved my eardrums had he written on his profile I am a political NUT!!
Like you TechFairy, I cannot see the mens profiles. But if I were to guess, I'd think the women see less of the "Don't chat with me if you voted for Biden" statements than men see of the "Don't chat with me if you voted for Trump" stuff for the simple reason that far too many men will hold back just for a bit of attention, a date, or to get a piece so they won't put it out there. Just my guess, but I'd bet its accurate.

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Thu 10/27/22 08:03 AM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Thu 10/27/22 08:04 AM

It's not one of the things I take into consideration, unless every conversation leads to something political. I find that most people who I converse with, who have strong political views, do not care to hear my opinion, unless I'm agreeing with them, of course. So it wouldn't take me more than a minute to decide that it's not a relationship that's worth forming.

On the dating site that I'm on, I was at first surprised by how many men state on their profile, "If you voted for Biden...." and ended with something derogatory, were online. Now I'm so used to seeing it, it seems like the profile is incomplete without it.

I'm very thankful that it's so prevalent on their profile though, because it saves me from even wondering if we'd be a match...I can just ignore them, and keep looking for someone who isn't soooo close-minded. I have no desire to date anyone who is a control freak. And yes, that's exactly what I think you are if you can't allow anyone else to have an opinion that is different from yours, without you trying to brow-beat and belittle them.

Hi TechFairy! waving Wow, that's interesting that people actually have that written in their profile. Totally agree, that does sound very controlling. It's interesting how strongly some people can feel about politics in dating, when it's the day-to-day stuff that you'd think would matter more.
ALOT of women, during the Trump years, also had the "if you voted for Trump, DO NOT message me" thing. Very adamant in fact.

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Wed 10/26/22 03:26 PM
Best profile this site has ever seen.

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Tue 10/25/22 02:55 PM
Dude, you are in the Philippines where there are TONS of cute little Filipinas looking for a nice foreign man. Why would you waste one minute on this site when girls are all around you there in Manila? Just walk outside already.

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Thu 10/20/22 02:39 PM

Everybody I know and associate with are accepting of others no matter what color or sex. Accepting has nothing to do with equality. giving up what you have earned, to someone unwilling to do what you have done, work and earn to provide, is not practical…You reap what you sow .

Unless you came here illegally. Then you get to stay in a beautiful tent city with free coffee, free snacks, 3 meals a day, laundry service, free phones, couches, TV, and more. But if you are a Veteran of this country you are out on the street. This country has turned backwards. Wake up people, we won't survive 2 more years of this nonsense!!

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Wed 10/12/22 12:49 PM

There is a report out now( and you can google it)
. The report says that Alejandro Mayorkas secretary of Homeland Security knew Two hours before he went on live tv , that the border guards on horseback did not strap or trample immigrants. But he doubled down on the lie that border guards had acted horrific that brought back scenes of slavery. . And Biden later made the same statements promising to punish these guards, knowing the were not innocent of what he was basically convicting them of. Why would anybody support a person that would stoop that low.
They won't. November 8th can't get here fast enough, nor 2024.

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Tue 10/11/22 11:00 AM

Love, it is the foundation of a rigid relationship.
and sex makes it rigid too.

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Mon 10/10/22 11:33 AM

I often mention Plato's allegory, for good reason.

Always use critical thinking regarding the source of your knowledge.

I frequent numerous economic and political blogs online to gauge the heartbeat of stock markets and the economy.

(Usually as contrarian indicators, bloggers often have an interest in influencing for pay, talking up or down a certain sector, bitcoin, penny stock pumping...etc)

There are a handful of sites that have consistently provoked political divides within America for a decade, or use ridiculous conspiracy theories to invoke public outcry.

On one site, back in 2012 or so, I was lambasted for speaking against Russia's invasion of Georgia by posters claiming to be American, the opinions were overwhelmingly pro-Russian.

At the time, I concluded this site had to have ties to Russia - the "Americans" there were far too pro-Russian.

Finally, this year, this site was labelled a potential Russian propaganda site by the U.S. government.

I'm posting this today because that site and others are currently ablaze with "Americans" saying that the schools, churches and hospitals in Ukraine were bombed for "hiding weapons", or Zelenskyy was placed by the CIA, or that "the west has done far worse, therefore it's ok for Putin to bomb Ukraine".

Foreign governments have the ability to capitalize on our 1rst amendment, they can hire 3rd parties to swamp us in disinformation that eventually leads to turmoil and counterproductive actions.

These sites are using our legitimate gripes against our government, then using that anger to invoke outrage and public opinion to their benefit.

All I can tell you is "consider the source", if you don't personally know the source is a real American, be open to the possibility they have an agenda against the U.S.

That does not mean your opinions are wrong, only that these sites will try to align you by appealing to your opinion, and feed rage with disinformation.

Russia's intelligence is working overtime right now to disinform, what they lack in military strength, they're trying to make up for elsewhere.

So after all that, what sources do YOU find credible?

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Sun 10/09/22 10:17 AM

What Happens if the Democrats Manage to Load Up the Supreme Court ... ?

Like Trump did, you mean?
when did Trump load up the SCOTUS ? More ramblings from the uninformed .

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett? More than anyone since Reagan? But I presume that you think that since they are Rethuglican that does not matter?! Oh dear!!
The Dems would have done the exact same thing had they had the chance.

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Sat 10/08/22 01:23 PM

Holy Tolstoy Batman, folks I can be verbose but damn, the last two replies I read the first sentence and stopped.

All I can say is you can lead a horse to water, but if that horse is too obsessed with the horses around him drinking too much of what he thinks is his water, don't bother, Let It Die.

You answered your own question, if you would have read beyond the first sentence perhaps you would have figured a thing or two out? Of all these people you seem so willing to get into the country, how many do you think are hard workers? How many do you think are just freeloaders? And what happens when they retire but have paid little to no money to Social Security? They also need housing, food, infrastructure. So how many of these people can we add before the system is worse off instead of better off? We have already shipped much of our manufacturing over seas and even some other fields are being done over seas now. The problem is the United States has become filled with low paying service jobs because Americans have become lazy, greedy, and feel entitled. What happens when the economy starts to head in the other direction and people get laid off? Are we going to send these people back to where they came from? Are we going to give them government handouts? I know people like you think we can continue to just print money to make everybody happy, but that's why we are in the mess we are in the first place. Handouts for the Corona virus was one of the stupidest things they could have done. The amount of greed that created, the amount of entitlement, the amount of debt that is impossible to pay off. I have no problem with letting some people come into the country legally, many that do come have a drive and a dream to make their life better. They start their own businesses and work there butts off to keep it going. But on the other hand you have many coming to the land of the free for free food, free housing, free healthcare. The freeloaders. If we would go back to natural selection and let nature take it's coarse about 30% of the population would die because they would be too dumb or lazy to figure out they had to actually work to feed and shelter themselves. Be careful what you wish for,because it doesn't always work out the way you envision it. We may end up as a third world country sooner then many think and then we will be the ones seeking other countries to work in and feed us?
Well said. And I second the foolishness of sending out Corona virus money willy nilly. I know I sure as heck didn't need it, want it, or ask for it but you can bet it's spurred a whole new generation of people thinking they don't have to work as hard as the Government will always bail them out and take care of them. It's a very bleak future if things continue going this way.

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Fri 10/07/22 03:12 PM
Nice try. The rest of us know better. Where is the "positive" news about all the fentanyl coming across our porous Biden/Harris border? Where is the positive news about the gang members coming across? Where is the positive news about all the DEATHS of those illegals cooked to death in the back of a semi trailer thanks to the open Biden/Harris border? Where is the positive news about the girls being raped and sex trafficked from this border mess?

Glad you were able to find one "feel good" story hating on Trump but any attempt to compare todays border mess with Trumps border success will be a complete FAIL on your part.

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Fri 10/07/22 09:26 AM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 10/07/22 09:27 AM

yes but half of americans don't want any immigrants thanks to orange Mussolini
he released the hate that was always bubbling under the surface
sad but true!
Correction, we WANT immigrants but we want them to come here LEGALLY like every one of them before this lawless group came thanks to the Biden/Harris train wreck encouraging them to come. (No, their rare, feeble barely audible "dont come" remarks don't count).

Just because you say it, doesn't make it true. Every Republican I know has always favored LEGAL immigration. Guess that's too difficult to wrap your heads around since the Dems keep repeating the nonsense that Republicans don't want immigration.

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Fri 10/07/22 09:18 AM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 10/07/22 09:19 AM

Kia Ora from New Zealand....even tho i'm in the Southern Hemisphere and we are a few hours ahead, we remember those that lost their lives in the horrific tragedy of America's 9/11....the images i saw on the media that day will be forever in my mind.....never wish to see anything like that again
Thanks for that. 9/11 and the Uvalde school shooting of innocent children not long ago get me to my core. :(

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Thu 10/06/22 03:41 PM

12/24/2026 BREAKING NEWS :

12 Year Old Girl Awarded the Prestigious
for Righteously turning in Her Parents,
Who were hiding the Obsolete American Flag and the Outlawed Bible in their Basement.

That would only happen if the fat guy with orange hair gets reelected and since he will be in jail it's not going to.
Hunter will be there first

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