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Wed 07/20/22 08:11 AM
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Has anyone else noticed a format change now where you now must do an extra step to send a message to someone new by clicking a "chat"button whereas before the chat box was conveniently right there waiting to write without this extra step?

Also, now one cannot separate their initial message to someone into easy to read paragraphs, such as what I've done here. It is now one huge long run on paragraph without the ability to separate into paragraphs.

This is on the website PC version. I have no idea about the app.

I'm thinking Mingle tried to make an "improvement" but failed with this one.

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Mon 07/18/22 09:20 AM


I know how you feel, and it's ok to have those feelings, just be careful they don't become resentment.

In 2016, my father came home after months in rehab. He wanted to come home to finish out his day's. I moved home at that time to be his caregiver. I changed him, cleaned him, fed him and was with him the morning he left this world. I stayed on after he passed to help my mom. I have a brother and sister, but they have families and jobs, so there was very little help.

Fast forward to May of this year. Mom had been in pain for several months. One morning she finally decided she couldn't deal with it and needed to have it seen to. It required an ambulance ride to the ER it had gotten that bad. Once there, and after CAT scans, x-rays and finally an MRI, they found it was spinal stenosis and would require a steroid injection. She is on blood thinners and was kept in the hospital so it could get out of her system before the procedure. During that time her BP and heart rate went wonky and she wound up in ICU. Eventually she was able to get the injection and come home.

The very night she came home, she fell and broke her leg in the middle of the night. 911 called, fire dept came and got her off the floor ( shes is a big woman and I couldn't do it). She had surgery, went through a month or so in rehab and is now home with a brace on her leg. She WAS getting around with a walker until last Monday when she did something to her groin area trying to get back in bed and is now in a wheelchair and sleeping in a recliner.
I'm curious how long before shes back in the hospital now as her groin is all bruised and I've never seen a pulled muscle do that, plus the injection for her back has worn off.

So, I am the cook, janitor (emptying her potty chair 🤮), butler, laundry mat, and so on.. again, with no help.. I'm just lucky that no one is saying I'm not doing enough, but I feel exactly as you describe. Tired, broke, worn out.. with no help. I've started to have feelings of resentment towards my siblings as I've put off everything else I enjoy. I told myself after dad passec that one of them would have to do it next time, but here I am.

Now as I read back on this, I question if I should post it, some may think I'm being selfish.. I kinda do sound that way after reading it..

The whole point is this, Kit. I know how you feel.
I read nothing selfish at all in your post. In fact, you've taken on quite a bit. I think (hope) in the long run your efforts will "pay" off (not meant financially). No doubt your dad and mom needed and appreciated you more than their words can describe.

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Sun 07/17/22 01:04 PM

I occasionally tend to look for new dating sites. Old ones tend to get stale after a while and get a lot of men seeking sex or sending sex based comments to basically anything & everything.
It is an unusual dating site, unusual set-up which is great. It used to be a wonderful dating site with quality men. But then more found out, became a member and it all went down the drain.
For instance, you can post photos of stuff that interest you, a feature called "moments", not allowed to have you or others in it. Men can react to them.
These days anything and everything elicits sexual remarks from men, almost impossible to post a photo and not get that, whether it's a landscape, a painting, my garden etc.

So I was looking for new sites the other day, became a member of two. Of course free, and then there it is: you can't do jack unless you pay.
But... I like to see if it's worth my while BEFORE I pay. It's not like they're dirt cheap.
One didn't seem to have a lot of members, and I got some messages -that I couldn't read without paid membership- from old geezers.
I decided to sod that one and removed my account.

Another one I'd been a member of before. After I'd signed up I got a message they're quitting in October :/ I deleted my account.

The other one is brand new and was said to be growing fast and to be good.
Same thing: can't do Jack without paying, and 1 months only was $10 approx. To me that's too much to see if it's worth my while.
The biggest one of the country allows you full access for a few months for $5 a month, then this smaller new one asks double?
If I'd do that to test 10 sites I'd have spent $100!

I decided to sod that one too and also removed my account.

Unbelievable that it's so hard to find a good dating site that allows you to test the waters for a small fee? Even if only the 1 month.
With your disdain and dislike of men, evident in many of your THIRTY THOUSAND messages on this site (Yikes!), why do you even bother?

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Sun 07/17/22 09:35 AM
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If a woman wrote it, I would never trust it. Women need to hear what men want from MEN, and then LISTEN to that advice, not other women or women's magazines.

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Fri 07/15/22 05:25 PM

if you ever see one, that isnt correct spot, and has to pull a jelly roll up for you to find it, you would understand, guess 400-500lbs? me around 21 years old, I am 55 now... yeah, image burned into my head, no I didnt finish, and walked out.
I hear ya....but at that weight, surely you knew that it was hidden somewhere down there and wouldn't be easy to find. Why were you so surprised? I'm guessing it was your youth and inexperience at the time.

Live and learn!

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Fri 07/15/22 01:44 PM

generally speaking size doesnt matter, HOWEVER, if your private part is in a jelly roll and you have to pull it into place, then no, im not interested. bad memory from my youth. 30+ years ago.

generally speaking I am all about great attitudes, and clean speaking
I'll never look at my weekly jelly roll with coffee the same again after this visual.

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Fri 07/08/22 02:53 PM
Mr. hand most likely will be the only volunteer

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Thu 07/07/22 08:52 PM

The latest buzz is he got his hairdresser pregnant. Unbelievable!!! The man has a hairdresser????
Now THATS funny.

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Thu 07/07/22 09:53 AM
and I want world peace.

Now can we get back to reality please?

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Wed 07/06/22 08:32 PM
Do as you wish Billy, but its a very bad idea to post your phone number here. TONS of scammers and very few women near you. It's not worth it. You may soon be on the scammers "master list" since you are posting for the entire world, literally, to have your phone number.

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Wed 07/06/22 07:47 AM
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I agree with him and he should not go anywhere!
If you want something, don't give up until you get it! But, set some rules for yourself and others. I've notice being here a 1/2 years that most people want to chat. In my opinion this is a waste of time as you will only get question back and forth, NOT A CONVERSATION. Many of the questions already posted on your profile. These people are 1. Too lazy to read, or 2. lonely and want something to fill their time, not so much their lives. My suggest is anyone really interest will go the additional inch or inches to make the connection, use E-mail. You will be shocked how much non-scene is removed!

My search reads 4203 at this time just in case you ask!
Easy for you to give the extra inch.

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Wed 07/06/22 02:12 AM
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Great intro! That should get the panties dropping.

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Tue 07/05/22 11:03 AM

Hey new here if you’re real dm me
Wow, deactivated within 22 minutes

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Mon 07/04/22 05:53 PM

I seem to be in great demand in Asia,
Latina countries hold me in high regard,
African beauties greet me hello each day ..
but it would seem the closer i get to home,the less attractive i become :thinking:
is attraction culture based?
is perception of beauty different elsewhere?

the third option ofcourse is the dreaded "SCAM"
i would like to ignore the third option and consider...

what is attraction?


is it linked to culture ?
As one who has frequently traveled overseas, I can assure you that you are held in MUCH higher regard in some (not all) countries than you ever will be here in the US.

If you can pull if off, get the F out of the US for a visit elsewhere and you will never, ever, look at women in this country the same ever again.

Feel free to message me for my personal favorite countries. It's like night and day!

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Sun 07/03/22 12:53 PM
You can't swing a dead cat around and not hit some gay guy trying to meet or gays or trying to "convert" a straight male. Not sure what your problem is if you are finding it difficult to find those weirdos.

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Sat 07/02/22 10:17 PM
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OMG, Mary Ann for sure! I dirtied many a sock watching her during my adolescent mid-teen years. ;)

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Sat 07/02/22 11:58 AM
SHOCKING! Men over 50 want nothing to do with marriage anymore. Yet they still want sex.

Why would this be shocking/disappointing to anyone after the feminists/"modern" woman movement pretty much created this issue?

Add to this the completely one-sided divorce laws favoring women in the event of a split.

What's shocking is that some women are still shocked that most men won't take that one sided risk.

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Fri 07/01/22 06:25 PM
Your profile is perfectly fine. Nothing sexual about it.

My only suggestion might be to split it up into more than 1 long paragraph for easier reading. Otherwise, I don't see much of anything wrong with your profile as is.

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Fri 07/01/22 07:14 AM

Probably the latter.

I'd class myself as anti-social, as I never go out.......and I'm only here for the challenge of reporting the fakes!
Yikes, that's a full time job!

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Thu 06/30/22 10:52 PM
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