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Mon 02/01/21 01:04 PM
Good luck with that.

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Sun 01/31/21 11:49 AM
Affected by what, Covid? Politics? Lonliness? Health issues? ;)

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Sun 01/31/21 11:34 AM
Too much blood going to his self described "girth", and not enough upstairs, would be the only possible explanation for him to think Biden is doing "pretty good so far".

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Sun 01/31/21 08:51 AM

Are you people really that insane?
Wasn't our country beat down enough by our previous president?
Why don't you let it go that he lost and Biden is president now?
How much do you all think you could accomplish in a couple of weeks?
Biden was left with no vaccine plans and everything a disaster, looks to me like he's doing pretty good so far. Of course if any of you could do better you should apply for the job instead of just sitting here behind your keyboards being negative...................

Girth but no brains. Got it.

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Sun 01/24/21 06:05 PM
I use a mask in place of a condom. XL of course. ;)

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Thu 01/21/21 08:39 AM

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Tue 01/19/21 06:44 PM
Yeah, all the "open minded, inclusive" people on here shouldn't have to actually hear of his accomplishments, huh? You certainly never heard any of it from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC, or the others so why be forced to listen to it now?

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Thu 12/31/20 10:53 AM
You realize you are not charged per word on this site, right?

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Thu 12/31/20 10:46 AM
lol, way to stir the pot sugar. But I hear ya!

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Mon 12/28/20 09:12 AM
Y'all haven't figured it out yet? Women join these sites for ATTENTION, the worst of them being those that don't get much attention in the real world.

Most women aren't really here to meet in person as they get their "fix" and need for attention from all the weak, pathetic, white knight "men" out there giving it to them.

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Sun 12/27/20 10:08 AM

Have spoken with 57 ladies via email, whattsapp, and hangouts

lol....56 of them were fake, ESPECIALLY the whattsapp/hangouts ones

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Sun 12/27/20 09:24 AM
100% agree with Sparkling Crystal. Your profile is better than most so that's good.

But note to all the ladies out there: There is no quicker way to turn off men than having a profile spewing all sorts of negatives such as "NO scammers", "NO needy men", "DON"T contact me if.....", "I will report you if.....", "DONT waste my time...", "MOVE ON if.....". What man in his right mind would ever want to be with, let alone marry, someone spewing so much negativity? Answer: NOBODY

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Sat 12/26/20 02:58 PM
He meant TUCSON. Anyone else?

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Sat 12/26/20 09:04 AM
I can't imagine a woman saying no to this smooth talker.

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Sat 12/26/20 07:26 AM
When trying to be "funny", you might want to learn to spell correctly first. Otherwise, you may end up looking like a fool

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Fri 12/25/20 09:48 AM

That is a very insightful post, Cleve. I think people do cling to past hurts and feelings. Its quite possible to throw out all that garbage but it takes time and effort. And first it takes realizing that you don't have to react in the same ways over and over. I have broken many long term habits but Its a constant effort. You don't just say I'm over it, you work on it every day.

I'm not a bit depressed over the holidays even though I'm by myself today. I visit friends and talk on the phone, no family so no reason for a get together. Plus the politicians warn we will all die if we have big family meetings, lol

Instead of moaning over what we don't have, make a list of all the good things you do have. A few suggestions: You live in a free country and can say what you like, lots of opportunity, no wars going on, no sirens in the night and get under the bed. If you have a job appreciate it even if its not the job you wanted. Are you in good health? That is #1 most important thing, your health is your wealth. You have friends, associates, places to go and things to do. Not everyone has those things, some have none of them

Finally, something worth reading on the forums.

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Wed 12/23/20 08:51 AM
Strange. I keep hearing about all these requests for money. I've been fairly active here daily for 1 full month and have not yet been asked for money. HOWEVER, I have been contacted by many, many scammers, mostly asking to go to google hangouts or wherever. Maybe that's where they ask for money?? Are you people REALLY going to google hangouts from these scammers? No wonder you're being asked for money. It took me about 15 minutes on the site to know all requests to go to google hangouts are scammers.

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Sun 12/20/20 12:49 PM
Nice screen name. Wish I'd have thought of that one!

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Sun 12/20/20 12:47 PM
Go get 'em tiger.

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Sat 12/19/20 03:18 PM

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