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Tue 08/02/22 01:01 PM
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Still too early for me to have figured this out but it SEEMS as though NO, you cannot message freely (5 times only) as you could just days ago.

I'll reserve judgement until I know for sure from someone here smarter than me but I just tried to message someone for the first time and NO, it said I had to purchase.

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Tue 08/02/22 12:39 PM
Read all the replies and I STILL am unsure what these coins mean. TXGal came close, I think, to explaining what it means. I'm just now logging in so we'll see what happens. Hopefully nothing much has changed for the normal use (not upgraded use).

Would be nice if Mingle would reach out and ASK US what we want on the site. They sure could use the input.

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Sun 07/31/22 08:47 AM
You want to have sex with a strangled dead guy?

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Sun 07/31/22 08:29 AM

I can't talk with anyone because there's no chat box on anyone's profile. There's everything else.
Am I being punished for something ? I'm just curious why I use to have the converstion box and now I don't.
If anyone can explain this to me I would be very grateful.

When you open a profile, underneath the main profile pic you’ll see 3 icons. If you click on the first icon which is coloured blue and says ‘chat’ that will open up the message box for you.

It’s the same on both desktop and mobile app.

Hope this helps.
Good explanation. I'm on a desktop and up until last week, I never had this "new" 3 icon thing. It USED to have the chat box right there, up and ready to go. Now one must go through an extra step to get to the chat box and the chat box does not allow one to separate into paragraphs. Just one long, continuous, run-on message.

I liked the old way better. Most times when you ADD steps, rather than reduce steps, its worse. Not sure what Mingle was thinking on this one especially since few people use the "like" or "nudge" feature. But hey, maybe that's just me.

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Sat 07/30/22 02:13 PM

Biden as president, is a reminder of what happens
when the mentally ill are allowed to serve in
public office.


People should notice by now, he's incompetent.
They know, but their ego's and fact they voted for him prevent them from saying so.

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Sat 07/30/22 10:50 AM
Welcome and good luck

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Thu 07/28/22 09:25 PM
The heat there in the PH will do it to ya. Get inside, quick.

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Thu 07/28/22 10:25 AM

I just cannot get over how a male demented liar got into the white house. And if his son can't get enough drugs to keep the old man high, and the old man dies well THEN we get a middle aged stupid woman whose chief asset is her perfected giggle.

Little children 4 years old sometimes have a nervous giggle if they make a mistake while standing in front of their classmates at school. But they outgrow it. They mature and become assets. Ms. Giggles is NOT an asset. Every country in the universe shudders to have to listen to "her take" on serious, legitimate problems.

Get these two out of office by any means possible. I am not a 28 year old biker or a 30 year old farmer. I am a 78 year old educated woman who is worried about our country. USA
lol.....Not bad for a 1st post. Welcome

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Wed 07/27/22 05:55 PM
I would take the hint......its not worth purchasing Todd. Trust me (and others who may chime in)

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Wed 07/27/22 05:53 PM
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Wed 07/27/22 04:02 PM

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Wed 07/27/22 09:58 AM
Dark red +

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Mon 07/25/22 05:41 PM
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That's one rough looking Vicky alright.

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Mon 07/25/22 01:15 PM
SAN DIEGO here. Anyone?

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Sat 07/23/22 02:04 PM
Whomever wins, let's hope they focus their efforts on reigning in all the scammers from that country. Known all over the world as the biggest online scammers bar none.

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Sat 07/23/22 12:10 PM
Nothing much to look at

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Sat 07/23/22 08:04 AM

I give myself a 5.
Yes, but are you talking inches or feet? ;)

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Fri 07/22/22 09:05 AM

We're men aren't we.... what other reason is their to talk to other women. Nature is simple, you're attracted, or you're not.

lol, brutal honesty right there

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Wed 07/20/22 12:07 PM
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Has anyone else noticed a format change now where you now must do an extra step to send a message to someone new by clicking a "chat"button whereas before the chat box was conveniently right there waiting to write without this extra step?

Yes, at least when using a tablet which I'm doing right now. If you like the old way better, there is a workaround. In the web page showing a profile, type at the address field (url):
replacing no. with the actual number of the profile you see at the current url field. Hit enter/return, this will take you to a new page which has a text box where you type the message.
Wow, impressed on how you know this. Thank you.

Note: I just tried something slightly different but it's basically the same thing, maybe slightly easier for some. I simply stayed on the original persons page and in the address/url area I simply deleted the "users/view" with "inbox/conversation" while just keeping the persons number there. Pretty much the same thing you recommended and it worked. Thanks!

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Wed 07/20/22 09:37 AM
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Thanks for the reply Larsi. I wasn't sure anyone would have a clue what I was talking about, lol.

Yes, mine changed overnight. I never had those 3 "wee" buttons and it never bothered me a bit because the nudges are worthless to me, same as the likes. However, a real chat message had some value and I liked the fact the chat box was right there when I found someone I felt worthy of chatting with rather than now having to go through an additional step to get to the chat box. Not a huge deal, but I preferred it the other/easier way.

What I find even worse is that after clicking the "wee chat button" thingy, its not a BOX anymore, its a ONE LINE run on thing. I cannot separate an original message into paragraphs anymore. Not that I write paragraphs as an additional hello but sometimes its nice to separate even small points or individual sentences.

Like this

It's easier to read

I hope you understand what I mean.


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