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Fri 12/16/22 06:55 AM

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Confess or regurgitate?

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Tue 12/13/22 03:26 PM

The Mexican government are busing their citizens to the US border escorted by Mexican police . This is what was going on before Trump became president and he stopped that practice by pressuring the Mexican govt. with tarrifs or sanctions , but it stopped. Now with Biden that practice has returned . They see that in 8 days title 42 will go away for Mexican immigrants only. And projections for illegals crossing over will be about 18,000 a day. Released with no record of who they are or where they go and what they are here for. This isn’t because of a “ broken border policy. This is being done on purpose to bring in as many people that are likely to vote democrat in the near future. That is why title 42 will remain for people from Puerto Rico and other Central American countries. Yes…most democrats are fine with it …. Bhaaaaa. Bhaaaaa.

I have to wonder if the Dems make the connection how THEY are paying for all these people, and NOT just through their taxes. Many legal Americans today are having trouble paying their rent, mortgage, gas, food, etc. Now add all these people to your monthly bills too. And no, they are NOT working, NOT paying taxes, are NOT contributing. They are TAKING, and we (you) are paying their way. Makes zero sense whatsoever. And we haven't even started talking about the sex trafficking, drugs coming over the border, rapes, and deaths from all this craziness. Now way in hell the Dems can be ok with this and its hard to take them seriously if they say they are.

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Tue 12/13/22 01:39 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Tue 12/13/22 01:42 PM
For months (years actually) authorities in Texas and Arizona have been begging for help from the Biden Administration, claiming they cannot handle the influx of illegal immigrants that Biden/Harris are allowing into our country.

Now, due to being beyond the breaking point, Texas is mass releasing the illegals onto the city streets as there is nowhere to house them. Homeless, right out onto the streets, at night, in the cold, no authorities in sight.

Many, many more are coming with no signs of it ever stopping. 150 countries thus far have come here.

Biden/Harris have done NOTHING up until now and have no plans to do anything.

No other country on Earth allows a run on their border like this.'re ok with this?!!

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Mon 12/12/22 06:47 AM
Stick to fishing, its much less complicated.

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Mon 12/12/22 06:44 AM

it's only discrimination if their not w/straight/Christian but if they are no discrimination. i mean, how can I think otherwise? can anyone think of it happening otherwise?

They want "equal rights" along with some "special rights" to go along with them. Why are there special awards shows for black people?Why do they have the united negro college fund? What do they have affirmative action that says you have to hire a minority if they have the same or even less qualifications? Why do they have a minority clause in some contracts for public projects? Why do we have "gay bars" that cater to a select group?

The government discriminates based on age, they don't let people vote til they are 18 or over, they don't allow people to buy alcohol or tobacco or nicotine products til they are 21. And then there are 55+ communities that don't allow for younger people to live there. Isn't that discrimination? They used to have "ladies night" at bars, but most have stopped doing that because it was considered discrimination.

Should an airline be required to give somebody 2 seats for the price of 1 because the person weighs 450 lbs? Should a buffet be required to charge the same whether you are 100 lbs or 300lbs?

The problem is everyone wants a leg up, a little extra, equal doesn't always really mean equal.

What really gets me is when the president of the United States says he wants a woman of color for the vice president, then he says he will only nominate a black woman for the supreme court without even looking into other candidates. Isn't that the most discriminating thing to do is pick a specific sex and race without giving consideration to others?

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Sun 12/11/22 08:17 PM

Sarim… as far as sexual arousal is concerned .. genitals do not function on a set time schedule . Your body /mind will respond to pleasuring environmental stimuli . (Sometimes at inappropriate times /situations) . However It is not surprising that nighttime relaxation , free from the stress of the day can be a trigger for your genitals to party . Hope that answers your question . waving

I disagree, I don't know anything about midnight hardness, but I do know morning wood is a real thing and there isn't any stimuli needed for that, it just happens. blushing
devo are you sure you didn’t brush up against a pillow and your subconscious dream state went into overdrive .:angel: Stimuli can refer to neuronal and chemical influences . There is still so much unknown about our mind processes during sleep ., although we have the potential to recall dreams that is not always the case . Can you honestly say what your mind was processing throughout the entire night (segments maybe). Perhaps merry was quietly tiptoeing through your mind as you transitioned from deep to light sleep . waving

That would make sense and be easily explainable if that's how you (men) woke up every morning but that's not the case. You can be pouring a cup of coffee thinking about what you have to do that day and boom, there it is. There typically isn't delayed reaction in that regard.
Where can I get some of this coffee?

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Sun 12/11/22 01:21 PM
Try using a stool softener

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Fri 12/09/22 08:39 AM
I "dated" myself this morning upon waking for a few minutes, does that count?

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Wed 12/07/22 08:51 AM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Wed 12/07/22 09:01 AM
In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes that women make is the whole "I like him but will wait for him to hopefully chat me up first" thing.

It's a game, and is not reflective of what YOU really want. You WANT to talk to him, but you don't? Opportunity lost.

There's nothing wrong AT ALL about saying "hi" to a man or approaching in a friendly way (with WORDS). I'd bet 99 out of 100 men would love that. But you don't it. Why not?

Myself, I'm not a "chaser". However, I'll certainly say hi, smile, and approach within reason. If she's playing the "aloof" game, I'm done in an instant.

It's become a minefield out there for men. Will she be like "oh F+ck, here we go again" with attitude about being approached?, Will she think she's being harassed in some way? Does she have a bf/husband she'll sick on you? OR, will she be DELIGHTED you said hello? NOBODY KNOWS, and many men are clueless about your "signs" you give off.

Frankly, if women are not making it easy on a man they are interested in (in a store, wherever), it just won't happen. I'd say in a perfect world, with all the "harassment" uncertainties, it's the WOMEN that should be approaching now.

Think about it this way, there is a very high probability if a man approaches, it will not go well for him. However, if the woman puts in a bit more of the effort, she's probably looking at a 99% chance it will go well for her. Yet these "toxic men" as we are often called are expected to keep approaching?

I guess most women can keep being "aloof" and expecting men to risk EVERYTHING while they do nothing but maybe a slight smile and hope he takes the hint. Doesn't seem like a very smart strategy to me.

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Sat 12/03/22 10:50 AM

i hope it is fun and real on here
Says the fake, deactivated one.

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Fri 12/02/22 09:23 PM
Strangely quiet. Where are all the Mortman's and other liberals (I won't name you) here that were so vocal in the past? I think we know why they are laying low.

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Wed 11/30/22 09:40 PM
First it was CNN+ which recently failed in less than 30 days due to few subscribers. Then Don Lemon demoted to their morning show. Now they are slashing jobs in an effort to save themselves.

Who knew that demonizing half the US population isn't good for ratings? Who knew that bashing Trump 24/7 when you are supposed to be a news organization doesn't build trust that one is covering things fairly? Who knew that covering January 6th day after day, month after month, might get old after awhile? Evidently, not CNN leadership.

They once were somewhat impressive, long ago, but wow have they fallen! Only themselves to blame.

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Fri 11/18/22 12:20 PM
and I'm straight, from the lower 48.

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Fri 11/18/22 11:16 AM

Often people confuse happiness with being in contentment.

Happiness is Joy.
Joy is an emotional state of mind.
Like all emotions they tend to rise and fall in severity.
It's unhealthy to try to hold onto an emotional state.

If contentment is the center (standard emotional state), joy and anger are extreme periods of emotion which rise and fall according to stimuli.

You get periods which cause joy and you get periods which cause anger. Since those emotions flex, trying to live in constant joy or anger can cause depression. Its unnatural and impossible.

Depression is self-sustaining extreme periods of all emotions. It can cause you to feel you have no control over your own feelings or your own life.

Most of life is non-eventful, emotionally speaking.
If those periods of non-emotional events are 'empty' you think you can't feel happiness.

When you gain emotional maturity, its easier to feel contentment during those non-event periods of life.
You realize happiness (joy) and anger (malcontent) are emotional states which are not meant to last a long time. You have control over malcontent and experience greater sensitivity to the moments which bring you joy.

You still get happy but its more powerful
You still get angry but it is less severe and debilitating.
Non-eventful periods of life are reinforced by contentment.
Contentment becomes your ... middle ground, so to say.
When contented, there's no room for depression to take hold.

Life can be hard.
Everyone builds a delusion about something.
When the delusion is broken, we get confused.
That confusion of life's expectations affects contentment.
Accepting the reality of your own life, without the delusional gloss allows you to be contented because reality is always reality.

We all set expectations on life. We are taught what to expect by the other people we meet.
We build delusions based on other people's examples of what life is supposed to be.
When our own lives don't match those expected results it confuses expectations. Natural contentment eludes us.

Remove the delusions and see your own life's reality. Set your own expectations based on what you know about your own life.
Delusions can be broken but reality is reality and applies no matter the expectation.

Understanding that, allows contentment and natural expression of emotion.

If you 'feel nothing' you are telling yourself to feel nothing and denying your own emotional expression. Feeling 'numb' emotionally is a form of depression.
I've felt the same way before and its soul-wrenching.
I needed to come to grips with my expectations and remove the delusions I built so I could embrace reality.
Once that was mastered (It took a long time), I found inner contentment and my moments of joy were so much sweeter. It also allowed me to make better decisions which lessened the malcontent and anger I felt. It gave me control of my own emotional stability.

Many, many things in life bring me joy now.
Few things make me angry and when I am angry, I can control and remove the anger from my decision making.
I never really feel over-whelming sadness anymore. I still feel sadness when it is warranted but it doesn't consume me.

If you allow someone else to tell you how to live your life, you are living their lives ... not yours.
Take back your life and live your life your way.
You are the only expert on how to live your own life, because it is YOUR life after-all.
Without YOU your life is a lie.
Those lies (delusions) bring malcontent because things in your life don't align with delusional expectations.

Put your head on right...see the reality of your life and take control of it. It should be the easiest thing you can do.
Nobody can do a better you, they don't walk your path.
Nobody else is commenting about this? I will....excellent!

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Thu 11/17/22 03:14 PM
Maybe not Brad Pitt, but a younger Gene Hackman maybe?

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Tue 11/15/22 08:31 AM


Loneliness is like when you look at your face in the mirror. Unique to you.

I grew up in the country, on a farm. My only sibling is a sister who is 8 years older than I.
In the 60s and early 70s I rode my bicycle everywhere I wanted to go, I had friends.

In school, I rode a full bus 26 miles one way everyday, had friends on the bus and friends in school.

In college I had friends in the dorm and friends in class.

In the service, I had friends and subordinates. Had 4 small children at home and a wife.

In my job, I had friends, eventually subordinates (who were like a 2nd family) and at home raised 4 children to young adulthood.

When the kids grew up and moved out and my marriage ended I suffered from "Empty Nest Syndrome"
I went from a life of activity and turmoil to dead silence. I spent years in dead silence, only my own reflection in the mirror to talk to.

During my formative years in the country I spend a lot of time alone. I read a lot of books (mostly fiction). My imagination was my friend. You could say, "I spent a lot of time in my head"

After work, after family...I again spent a lot of time in my head. I now watch movies for entertainment, Movies cause my imagination to soar. I write, I compose and I work on projects.

What I don't do is focus on the fact I am alone most of the time. My GF and I have an agreement to keep our together-time special. We keep it special because we spend time together sporadically and without schedule. Sometimes one day a week, sometimes a full weekend and sometimes a week long tryst. We are NOT joined at the hip. It makes our relationship strong because when we are together it is special.

How YOU deal with being alone is governed by your life experiences. If you have always been around a lot of people and place your self-value in how others see you, being alone can be hell for you.

If you raised a family for decades and now everyone is gone, it can cause 'empty nest' but if you are aware it is a temporary condition which only you can control, you can get yourself clear of those feelings of loneliness.

One thing being alone allows you to do is you now have the ability to remake yourself as you see fit. It can be a slow process. While you do this, the trick is to not 'focus' on the loneliness. Keep yourself entertained (distracted) while you remake yourself to be who you want to be now.
Let the turmoil and adopted stress fade away from your life and seek contentment within yourself.
Realize its Okay to be alone but being lonely is a form of depression which can affect how you appear to others. Get a handle on the loneliness within you and master being alone...Your rock steady presence will attract others.

Looking back, its much easier to see in hindsight than while you are battling loneliness. It is a difficult row to hoe but since it is your own life and you are the one living it, who is more qualified to make those changes than you?
Thanks for this and your previous post.

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Sat 11/12/22 11:44 AM

Putin? Anything I could say about that dwarf,
would be based solely on hearsay.
Though, over the years, he has proven himself
to be a much better tactician, than any of the
last six buffoons elected to the presidency of
The United States.

My country? The United States.
President Joe "poopy pants" Biden.
The load his mom should have swallowed.

Putin v. Biden?
Neither of these two f'tards should ever be allowed
to hold positions of authority, or power.
Not exactly Shakespeare but funny nonetheless, lol.

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Fri 11/11/22 01:42 PM
Edited by Mr Good Guy on Fri 11/11/22 01:43 PM
Attention Profile: Please be advised Noor is looking for marriage and love.

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Fri 11/11/22 08:52 AM
Not a tax expert here but I've always wondered why we don't have either a flat tax type system or a user type system on goods. In other words, EVERYONE pays the same rate based on their incomes. Yes, that means the "poor" pay X percent AND Jeff Besos pays the same X percent. EVERYONE should have skin in the game at all levels.

OR, no (or low) income tax but (much?) higher taxes on all goods at all levels. That way, the drug dealer is paying his taxes when he buys his Ferrari's, boats, Lambo's, jets, etc. Basically, add (25-30%?) to EVERYTHING and forget the whole filing taxes, keep all your income to help pay for the increase in prices, and call it a day.

Who knows, but the current system is downright stupid and unnecessarily complicated for everyone.

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Tue 11/08/22 08:48 AM
I'll admit it, you made me look!

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