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Topic: Coronavirus - part 2
SparklingCrystal πŸ’–πŸ’Ž's photo
Thu 12/31/20 05:37 AM






I read the vaccine side effects are an issue higher than expected and those side effects are extreme. So bad in fact, it is affecting their ability to convince people to get the vaccine.

New York City health care worker suffers 'significant allergic reaction' to coronavirus vaccine
The city launched a campaign on Tuesday to increase confidence in the vaccine and to convince all New Yorkers that the vaccines are safe and effective. We also know that based on clinical trials and reports of adverse effects in other jurisdictions, reactions such as these are rare but have been reported with the Pfizer vaccine.

I had an adverse side effect with my last flu shot a few years ago. Been getting flu shots for over ten years and never experienced a reaction till then and it was severe.
It doesn't matter how safe they say it is or how much they try to convince me, I will not get another.

They are campaigning to build confidence for this vaccine. They are ramping up that campaign. There are many people who do not want this vaccine and if serious side effects are known but pushed under the carpet in their campaign, they are withholding information and your confidence is founded on incomplete info.

Nearly all drugs have side effect, yes. The issue is the severity of the side effects. I've seen the advertisements on TV where drugs are promoted and severe side effects are mentioned but readily dismissed. We are conditioned to dismiss side effects warnings by repetition.
Why would anyone choose to use a vaccine with severe side effects?
hi tom .waving . can you please provide your source re serious side effects .. what those effects were and actual numbers so that I know where the info is from .

Accuweather Coronavirus Briefing, No numbers, no other data. "Other Jurisdictions" is the only reference. I guess the health worker (in NYC) had to be hospitalized which to me, is pretty severe.
Sorry I can be of much help. As a medical professional you might have some luck contacting Pfizer directly or checking their medical website using your hospital credentials? I'm sure the cases are documented somewhere. If you have access to case studies that might give you the info you need. Isn't there a database accessible thru your hospital?
yes I have access to multiple medical databases .

Unfortunately adverse effect reporting varies between countries . In the uk info is collected through health departments and health professionals including those administering the vaccines or via the gov uk yellow card site . It is not uncommon for adverse reactions to be investigated before publicly released .

I believe the CDC is tracking vaccine reactions in America .

the NYC health worker case you are referring to appears to have suffered an allergic reaction ( anaphylaxis ). All medications , vaccines , foods , etc carry this risk . It is. NOT an unexpected side effect . Nor have side effects currently been higher or more extreme than expected .
The volume of people being vaccinated globally is unprecedented ..

When the article about the healthcare worker was published ., At least 30,000 people had been vaccinated in New York .

There's loads of info about the side-effects out on the net. The ratio of severe side-effects in the trial group was 21%. That is enormous and way too high to roll out the vaccine.
The info comes from all over the place, neurologists, other experts and scientists.

Curious did you read the actual clinical data I posted ??

to discuss information about side effects accurately it is helpful if the links and sources are provided .

There is certainly loads of misinformation on the web .

As there is more than one covid vaccine being administered it is also Important to differentiate which vaccine is being discussed .

Nope, I have no interest in submerging myself in the pandemic news all day long.
You may feel you are an expert but you're a nurse, not an expert.
Apart from that you rely on what medical science spreads around only, and become dismissive towards someone who doesn't and has another view.
Then saying you give people and patients an unbiased opinion and advice is already not true because you only take the news from medical science into account so your advise is automatically biased.
I've said that before, you dismiss it, then go as far as to ask 'Can you say the same?'
I can for sure. I don't close my mind to options. I also don't follow any one source either. I think especially in a situation like the current one it's vitally important to not listen to only one source of information.

We don't all have to share your opinions in here.

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Thu 12/31/20 07:57 AM
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Crystal, I share your viewpoint about this virus. I too do not trust the full court press of propaganda we seem to get from the major media and I do not trust fauci at all. He has flip flopped too many times and has a financial interest in vaccines I heard.

21% serious side effects? Wow I didn't know it was that high, I knew it was high. And there have been some deaths but only a few so don't worry. The long term effects of these rushed to market with no legal liability vaccines is completely unknown. You can get a gaggle of experts carefully hand picked who will say exactly whatever you want them to say

The really scary thing is the way they are pressuring and forcing people to take it many places. Not just the daily propaganda, but they are talking about vaccine passports so you can't go anywhere unless you take the coof jab. They want databases of people who took it, they say they won't use it against the ones who didn't but how many believe statements like that? Then there is contact tracing, convenient way to find out everyone you know and where you go.

We are doing a grand experiment on a hoodwinked public. All this for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate approximately. Nowdays anyone who dies they claim it was covid. Maybe the nashville bomber really died from it too?

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Thu 12/31/20 12:30 PM
Actually crystal you are wrong about my professional qualifications . What I will not tolerate is misinformation . You made a statement regarding the Oxford vaccine .. without knowing about the neurological side effects that occurred in the trial . I try to make the info I provide non clinical to help your understanding . The phase three clinical trial from the vaccine manufacturers is important .. that forms the basis for safety approval .

I will no longer share my medical expertise on this thread .. however any minglers who wish . Can contact me privately . Happy new year crystal .

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Thu 12/31/20 12:57 PM

Actually crystal you are wrong about my professional qualifications . What I will not tolerate is misinformation . You made a statement regarding the Oxford vaccine .. without knowing about the neurological side effects that occurred in the trial . I try to make the info I provide non clinical to help your understanding . The phase three clinical trial from the vaccine manufacturers is important .. that forms the basis for safety approval .

I will no longer share my medical expertise on this thread .. however any minglers who wish . Can contact me privately . Happy new year crystal .

Blondey, your medical information is fine. The problem is with idiots who reject the scientific method.

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Thu 12/31/20 02:57 PM
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Thu 12/31/20 03:02 PM

Maybe the nashville bomber really died from it too?

I'm sure they'll record it as one to further skew the numbers to drive their agenda.

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Thu 12/31/20 03:17 PM
The only agenda is to prevent anyone from getting Covid-19.

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Thu 12/31/20 03:33 PM
Edited by Dodo_David on Thu 12/31/20 03:34 PM
Here is a bit of reality courtesy of ABC News:

"A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 83.2 million people worldwide and killed over 1.8 million of them, according to real-time data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University."

blah..blah..'s photo
Thu 12/31/20 03:40 PM
I'm far from cynical but I do wonder about the death figures being put out.
In the UK for example, we get the new deaths in the last 24 hours, but these are ALL deaths that include a positive test within 28 days.
So these are the figures that are being pushed as to justify the government's actions, but these deaths aren't actually people who have died from COVID-19, but who have had a positive test result.
Admittedly some of the deaths could be solely due to contracting COVID but most are people with underlying health problems, some,. obviously terminal, so these people would have probably died regardless of having a positive test.
It's a bit concerning that the figures can be manipulated this way, most people see a figure of 900 for example and think it's 900 people who have contracted COVID and it's killed them, when in reality it could be 875 that died of natural causes or other illnesses, cancer, influenza etc.

Dodo_David's photo
Thu 12/31/20 08:15 PM
From the Associated Press via KTLA:

"California surpassed 25,000 coronavirus deaths since the start of the pandemic and officials disclosed Thursday that three more cases involving a mutant variant of the virus have been confirmed in San Diego County.

The grim developments came as an ongoing surge swamps hospitals and pushes nurses and doctors to the breaking point as they brace for another likely increase after the holidays."

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Sat 01/02/21 12:34 AM
Edited by Duttoneer on Sat 01/02/21 12:42 AM

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine: Bogus reports, accidental finds - the story of the jab

" In the middle of January Prof Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, which runs clinical trials, shared a taxi with a modeller who worked for the UK government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. During the journey, the scientist told him data suggested there was going to be a pandemic not unlike the 1918 flu. "

Dodo_David's photo
Sat 01/02/21 11:38 AM
From Politico:

"Documented Covid-19 cases in the United States surged past 20 million on Friday amid record hospitalizations and staggering numbers of daily deaths, according to a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University.

The 20 millionth case comes less than two months after the country tallied its 10 millionth. The U.S. leads the globe in Covid-19 deaths, with the disease claiming the lives of nearly 336,000 people."

sugardaddi's photo
Sat 01/02/21 12:51 PM
Ho hum, meanwhile deaths in usa were average in 2020 and worldwide population continued to rise. I am so scared I think I will hide under the bed

Politicians continue to lie and since the media amplifies the lies, many believe them. Fauci for example is more politician than doctor. He hasn't cared for a patient in decades.

Since the truth is trickling out about how covid is not as bad as the hype says, they now go with "mutant" forms which of course are far more deadly, according to the narrative. No facts or evidence to back it up of course, just more fear porn.

I don't blame people for believing it. We are taught since childhood to obey and believe authority figures. The media has become a major authority figure and how many people check the data or facts given them to see if they are opinions or real? The government of course is always an authority figure, religious leaders, not so much any more.

Eventually even mutant covid fails to scare the public into submission so next will be something equally scary and unknown. Aids, sars, ebola, flu, etc turned out to be no big deal except in localities but covid means the world must shut down, wear masks and obey without question.

Why is it none of these extreme measures were taken for the flu which we all know kills tens of thousands every year in usa alone? No masks even though its deadly, no quarantines, just wash your hands and be careful. Oh, I should say the flu used to be deadly but now no one dies from it anymore. Other leading causes of death have gone down coincidentally also while covid deaths shot up. The cdc said only about 6% of "covid" deaths were soley due to covid. But they are not lying to us, honest.

Dodo_David's photo
Sat 01/02/21 03:37 PM
"LOS ANGELES (AP) β€” As communities across the country feel the pain of a surge in coronavirus cases, funeral homes in the hot spot of Southern California say they must turn away grieving families as they run out of space for the bodies piling up.

The head of the state funeral directors association says mortuaries are being inundated as the United States nears a grim tally of 350,000 COVID-19 deaths. More than 20 million people in the country have been infected, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

β€œI’ve been in the funeral industry for 40 years and never in my life did I think that this could happen, that I’d have to tell a family, β€˜No, we can’t take your family member,’” said Magda Maldonado, owner of Continental Funeral Home in Los Angeles."

sugardaddi's photo
Sat 01/02/21 04:32 PM
Horsesh-t deaths are normal now

Dodo_David's photo
Sat 01/02/21 04:52 PM
From the Jerusalem Post:

"The United Kingdom has recorded more than 50,000 new daily cases of the virus for the past four days, driven in part by the variant of concern that is much more infectious, and a rise in the number of people who are dying each day."

blah..blah..'s photo
Sat 01/02/21 05:02 PM
Don't fall for it

The UK has introduced mass testing on an unprecedented scale since December, resulting in millions more being tested compared to the previous 8 months.
The more people they test, the more positive test results.

Dodo_David's photo
Sat 01/02/21 05:33 PM
Just a thought to nobody in particular:

sugardaddi's photo
Sat 01/02/21 05:36 PM
Baghdad bob believes everything the media and government says. That is a terrible way to live

Dodo_David's photo
Sat 01/02/21 05:40 PM
By the way, this is Baghdad Bob:

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