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Tue 09/11/18 11:55 AM

“The Constitution is not a living organism. It is a legal document, that says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t.”
- Justice Antonin Scalia

like my progressive friends, I do NOT want "conservative" justices--unlike my conservative friends, I want constitutional justices, who understand, like J Scalia, that the Constitution is a legal document--a "contract", if you will, with none of its provisions and/or clauses permitted to be revised or amended or abrogated without all parties' endorsements.
sup man, how you been?

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Tue 09/11/18 10:27 AM

interesting subject, probably belongs in the "Sports"

in any case....I have no doubt (nor should anyone) that if
Serena Williams happened to be a white woman this thread would not exist..
my sentiments exactly :thumbsup:
can't impeach tennis players...

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Tue 09/11/18 10:15 AM

interesting subject, probably belongs in the "Sports"

in any case....I have no doubt (nor should anyone) that if
Serena Williams happened to be a white woman this thread would not exist..

right? drinker
her coach is white.. he broke the rules and she paid for it...

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Tue 09/11/18 10:13 AM

tantrum-prone poor loser
she wasn't happy... But her coach was sending her hand signals, and she was penalized for it...that's when she blew up, saying she's not a cheater...

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Tue 09/11/18 10:11 AM

interesting subject, probably belongs in the "Sports"

in any case....I have no doubt (nor should anyone) that if
Serena Williams happened to be a white woman this thread would not exist..

she only talked to one white person, the head was never about race, so you are probably wrong here...

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Tue 09/11/18 10:00 AM
Edited by mightymoe on Tue 09/11/18 10:08 AM
This never was about racism, she was calling the judge a sexist...not sure why...

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Tue 09/11/18 09:58 AM

How long before it's Trump's fault? Serious people need to quit using the minority card everytime they don't get their way. It puts a dim light on real inequality.
it's even dumber than that...she was calling sexism...and she was playing another chic...

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Tue 09/11/18 09:38 AM
Edited by mightymoe on Tue 09/11/18 09:39 AM

Girls are Angel
you must not know very many women...

You live in the wrong State if you don't like fierce strong women honey
they're fine till they get plssed... Not always a good thing to piss off women with guns..

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Tue 09/11/18 08:25 AM

And were supposed to believe a russian supporting trump backer like you . Dont forget that if they do investigate internaly at the FBI . A lot of information re:trump will surface and made public that will expose him for what he realy is . Good luck with that rofl
Trump or I have nothing to hide, so bring it on. And for your info. Obama is the one who suggested he could be pursuaded by Putin after he was re-elected , not trump. Trump actually has been a bigger thorn in the side of Putin w/ many more sanctions put on Russia that Obama ever thought of. No support of Russia here. How about another reset button. Lol. How naive can one be .

Trump actually has been a bigger thorn in the side of Putin w/ many more sanctions put on Russia that Obama ever thought of.

Has Donald Trump 'been much tougher on Russia' than Barack Obama?

In part,

"When we looked at the past decade of U.S.-Russia policy, however, we found a more nuanced picture. Tougher government policies implemented under President Barack Obama have largely continued under Trump, even though they were often overshadowed — and perhaps undercut — by Trump’s friendly remarks and tweets toward Russia and President Vladimir Putin."

The consensus among experts is that Obama was more forceful than Trump has been to date on countering election meddling.

"The key difference from Obama was (Trump’s) unwillingness to take the meddling issue head on," said Stephen Sestanovich, a senior fellow for Russian and Eurasian studies at the Council on Foreign Relations".

From here,

If it wasn't for facts, we would all be ignorant.

I guess nobody remembers the 7 oil rich islands obarry just "gave" Russia...not a dime switched hands and now Alaska is a bit smaller...

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Tue 09/11/18 08:17 AM

Girls are Angel
you must not know very many women...

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Mon 09/10/18 04:22 PM

I think that we make a lot bigger deal of it,here in the U.S. than they do in other parts of he world,since we had institutionalized slavery,and had to suffer through our civil war that was mainly about whether or not races were equal or not.

even hundreds of years later,we STILL have factions here that fight about that out of insecurity,and still fear contact with different races!

but,i feel that one of the MAIN things that is breaking down the walls between races here in the U.S. is the fact that NOW,ALL of our young people share the same taste in music!!
they are all listening to the same music,and it is bringing them together to share,and celebrate it!

despite the feelings of their elders,our young people no longer feel the same hatred of people of other races,because they have embraced the same culture and NOW, they do not feel like the people of other races are 'different',like their parents,and grandparents did,because they enjoy,and share the love of the same things.

they are socially intermingling,and intermarrying,and as the older generations die off,so will the irrational hatred that they felt about people of other races,and then we will be left with only the culture of our young people,which will be the culture of ALL races.

so,in just a few more generations,HOPEFULLY,the insecurity that fed the racism that the older generations felt will have totally vanished from our country.
hate doesn't go away, there's always something or someone to hate...been that way for 200,000 years, another 50 years won't change anything...

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Mon 09/10/18 04:18 PM

Want to clean up older emails from inbox, do they and content disapear or is replied to, will ther original and all content come back , like archived?
after 30 days, they are deleted automatically, unless your a paying subscriber...but once they're gone, they're gone

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Mon 09/10/18 04:15 PM

Often people use the phrase "What do I have to show for it?" When talking about a review of their life.

I remember a family friend who was killed by her husband. She happened to be a pediatrician but she lived a fairly modest life, not alot of flashy possessions, and two beautiful daughters. I was struck at her funeral at the number of people who came to remember her, standing room only and out into the parking lot and around the corner even. I realized how far she had gone to impact so many lives in her time here. I think that is the legacy to shoot for when we think what we will leave behind.

what legacy are you shooting for, the material things or wealth you acquired? the career or financial status you reached, or the people's lives you touched?
I never understood why people wanna be remembered after they die...if I'm dead, who cares? Life is for the living...

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Mon 09/10/18 04:11 PM

Who cares what Obama did,. Which was not much to help US.

true....but we keep bringing him up...indifferent

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Mon 09/10/18 04:08 PM

Oh, and as a postscript to my last posting:

If the last months of Obama's presidency showed that we were heading for recession, the resulting recession, even though it happened during Trump's presidency, could not be blamed on Trump. It is the way it goes.

For example, some Dems say that there were TWO Bush recessions, one the beginning of his term, one near the end. That is not a valid statement. The market was cooling after the dot-com bubble burst, and a lot of money was taken off the table, by many means. Mostly it was people who didn't understand the market, and who should not have been in the market, buying stocks they disn't research because of "Fear of missing out" Clinton's previous Laziez faire (somebody correct my spelling) approach to the market during the bulk of his term was not a correct approach at the end. Lots of things like e-trading were also new, so it was a bit of uncharted water.

In any case, W inherited a tough economy which was not his doing. The "second" recession of his 8 years was all his, however.
I have to disagree...when Clinton was in office, the economy was great gas was at 87 cents a gallon, there was no big deficit.... Things started to go bad after 9/11....but Clinton did do something somewhat suspicious - one of the last bills he signed was lowering the score for credit worthyness for people who can't afford homes to get a home...take a guess whos corporate names were on that bill.. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae....

Ahh, disagreement from a man who self-admits in another thread that he doesn't know economics. And another biased article? The cheers for Trump in it should have given it away. If it was the Clintons that caused the "second" Bush recession (the first one, as I have already stated, can't be blamed fully on Bush, but on the burst dot-com bubble), why was the action not taken by the Bush administration until 2005, as clearly stated in the article? That is after Bush's second term started. Possibly Bush was under pressure from his friends on Wall St to leave it just so?

Gas was indeed .87 a gallon under Bill Clinton, and shot up to over $4, when W invaded Iraq. One could speculate that a president in the oil business would KNOW that gas would go way up if they invaded a country (one which had nothing to do with 9/11), and what effect it might have on the economy. Hey, his advisors (which were mostly advisors from his dad's administration) didn't think they would make the same mistake twice....

Hmmm, now that you bring it up, I am trying to think, did the price of gas go UP or DOWN during the Obama administration? I seem to recall it was under $2 for a most of Obama's second term.

As stated,

yea, all the repubs I talked to back all said the same thing - "what does the president have to do with oil prices?" Bushes family owns just about every oil well in Texas, and his VP built them all... Not to mention the desiel fuel is a by product from making gas, and should never be higher than gas... But what people didn't think about was 95%of all the war machines ran on desiel fuel...

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Mon 09/10/18 03:59 PM

hi, im new on here , have heard great things about this wonderful platform and i'm glad to be part of it...........................lets mingle cheers
woohoo, more pretty Texans!

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Mon 09/10/18 03:55 PM

Doesn't losing 1000+ seats to republicans during his eight years in office mean anything?

Oh I guess we were just imagining things.
it was the white privileged racists that hated obarry because he was almost black..

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Mon 09/10/18 03:48 PM

Obama saved the economy, after Bush turned it over to him! All trump has done is increase the deficit by 1 1/2 trillion dollars! trump has done nothing, except golf a lot and line his own pockets!
when obarry took office, we were at a 2 to 3 trillion we're at 20 please enlighten us all on how obarry saved anything..

a common mix up of terms, when obama came in, 2009, the fed deficit (the difference between what the government spent and what it received) was 1.4 trillion, and when he left it was 665 billion.

when obama came in, in 2009, the fed DEBT (the total financial obligations still held) was 10.6 trillion and when he left in 2017 it was 19.9 trillion

a nearly 100 percent increase after eight years, which puts him up there with Bush and Reagan, who oversaw a 100 and 200 percent increase in the debt, respectively.

He did well with the deficit, but not with the debt, but considering the investment and choices that needed to be made to prevent a depression, its not something that is difficult to understand.
to me, you're comparing the three worst presidents... Reagan was the beginning of the puppet presidents, bush an idiot coke head, and Obama was actually trying to destroy the country... Obama never tried to stop a depression, if he was, he would have gave the bankers bailout to the homeowners, not the banks...

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Mon 09/10/18 03:43 PM

when did he say jobs would never come back? Must have been before 2010, when they started coming back and setting a record for most months of job creation in recorded history ...

that chart isn't truthful, he had unemployment rates in the 20 for a time..

as truthful as Trumps, which use the same source and the same standard.

and trends dont lie, things go up or down, as long as the standards used are the same ....

the downward trend in unemployment began under Obama, as did the increase in job creation ...

you'll never sell me that, no matter what charts, pie graphs, or whatever else you use as a visual...I've know so many people out of work here in Houston back then, a city with one of the strongest economys in the world...those charts are made with info from the government, which never lies, huh... And btw, they're all working now, with good paying jobs...

and I dont know any black people who are criminals, or any women with breast cancer, doesnt mean that my existence is the only experience represented in the world or the only experience happening across the country.

the same charts and graphs and sources praising Trump were the same ones used under OBAMA. either they are credible or theyre not. if they are not, none of us know WHO should or should not receive credit ...

I agree, that's why I never post polls, graphs, or charts, because they really are meaningless...from my viewpoint, I've seen the job market with bush, Obama,and Trump...Obama was the worst, hands down...maybe it could have been better in another location with Obama, but I don't know that...

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Mon 09/10/18 02:42 PM

Obama is now taking credit for jobs he said would never come back. Trump is showing him how it done. MAGA
well, look at his followers...just ones in mingle are enough to know it doesn't matter what he says, as long as he says it... They can't see his lies, so everything is the gospel from their Messiah..

Moe: I asked you before, but you still have not named them. What are these lies you refer to Obama saying? I gave you one free: "you can keep your own doctor" What are the rest of his Top 10?

You can't name the lies you say he told, so they must not exist.
1. This topic isn't about obarrys lies...
2. I've post hundreds of his lies on here at least 8 times in the past, and there about 20 topics of it on here...go dig those up and ask me on one of those threads ...

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