Topic: whats your favourite indian dish
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Tue 11/22/22 05:39 PM
have you tried any mine I call biryani

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Fri 01/27/23 01:54 AM
Palak Paneer
Chicken Tikka Masala

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Thu 02/02/23 12:18 PM
Her name was Meera, she was from Delhi. ;)

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Fri 02/03/23 09:14 AM
In my house it’s Butter chicken and Tikka Masala are the main ones - served with white rice and naan bread.

I made both on the weekend - never any leftovers.

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Sat 03/11/23 09:05 AM
Love indian food. Have to make at home and make substitutes of many ingredients to remove night shades and rice. Love the spicing.

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Fri 03/17/23 11:33 PM
Samosa & Masala Dosa

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Sat 03/18/23 06:50 AM
chicken curry