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Thu 03/09/17 03:42 AM

If people are interested in you they hit you up with messages & stuff. Why do you need advice about your profile? It's pretty self explanatory.

Well .. some of the dudes like myself are old fashioned enough, and won't bother to hit you up just to find out it's a waste of time - there's nothing but a pretty face ...
And if there is no profile at all .. either you have nothing to say .. your IQ = 0, or you're a scammer most likely, and we've got no interest.
So it's for your own good to create a good profile with a good headline .. it's self-explanatory as well.

Btw you have a profile with pretty nice pics, shortish maybe .. but you're good to go, imho

Welcome and good luck!

surprised :laughing:

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Tue 12/27/16 03:40 AM

your eyes...they mesmerize me and melt the ice that is my heart. your me butterflies flying up and down my being. your hands...they caress me into a happy mess i would always want to be in. your warmth...holds me in like a moth to a flame. I have never met you yet but i know you can make me hopelessly crazy :angel:

Hopeless and crazy is a deadly combination. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. That's more like Max :joy:. Merry Christmas Max!

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Sun 11/27/16 10:17 AM

If there are no kids involved, I would be concerned about ex's being friends and in contact with one another. You don't have to have hard feelings about a divorce, but why stay in contact of you couldn't make the marriage work?

If there are kids, I would expect them to figure out a way to be friendly for the sake of the kids. If they can't figure that out, that's a red flag for me.

I concur with you.

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Mon 11/21/16 11:02 AM
I prefer affection from YOU! And I sure will treasure it..... :smile:

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Sun 11/20/16 07:21 AM

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Wed 09/21/16 12:22 PM
Happy bday dear Peggy! flowers
You are one great soul. I admire your wisdom and sweet personality. You are a delightful company in Mingle. God bless you with many more years to celebrate :tada:.

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Wed 09/21/16 12:01 PM



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Wed 09/21/16 06:23 AM

Don't give up, he's got be around somewhere... unless he got arrested oops


If arrested, he's got be somewhere....behind bars waving rofl

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Tue 09/20/16 03:41 AM

Don't give up, he's got be around somewhere... unless he got arrested oops


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Mon 09/19/16 01:40 PM
Wow! Great piece. Who on earth is this Eva gal? If she knew she would come back in a flash lol

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Sun 09/18/16 11:20 AM
Jambo! African queen :crown: from Nairobi, Kenya.

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Sat 09/17/16 11:08 AM
Great expression! Love inspiring piece, simple but captivating. You left me wanting more lol.

Well done, Joe! You stole a part of me.... flowers

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Fri 09/16/16 08:54 AM
Oh, how cruel can human beings get! Unfortunately, human beings are turning beastly. A mother? Her 12 y/o baby girl? Sane men? Oh, my God! Am not a mother but this is very painful news.
I hope they will all be apprehended to face the full force of the law!

Hey, Mr. Barnes......I must give you an answer! I like challenges. Since my age is not within your preferred range, here I go! :smile:

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die"

I watched it recently rofl


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Wed 09/14/16 01:50 PM

What, people respond to messages on here?

New one on me is that laugh


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Wed 09/07/16 11:38 AM
Edited by UrMissingLib on Wed 09/07/16 11:41 AM

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Wed 09/07/16 11:38 AM
This is an extreme action by a spouse. There must be a 'living hell' situation that drove the man to prefer jail to being with his loved ones. Unless he has a history of mental imbalances.....

That said, I would submit the 'living hell ' situation could be arising from two perspectives :

Torture by a hostile wife for domestic reasons. The wife must have an upper hand in the family in a very significant way.

Torture by own guilt conscience for an action or omission that had dire consequences for the family.

Whatever the case, this is heart breaking! The institution of marriage and family is constantly under attack. The devil :imp: knows the power of a strong and united family means havoc to his kingdom. May God have mercy on us!

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Mon 09/05/16 03:48 AM

suppose to spent weekend with my gf again n todays my bd n i hadnt talk to her since friday dont know what to do but stop being nice n caring

It seems you would rather be somewhere else on your BDay, rather than with your gf. Just be as happy as you can on this special day. If that means a private time, you have no apology to make to anyone. Just let them know your preference. You got to love yourself to love others.

I hope you had a great day!

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Sat 09/03/16 10:13 PM
Yes, am ready to leave and cleave to my true love.

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Sat 09/03/16 02:05 PM
Hello Sassy dear. Am so happy for your progressive recovery. What a great day as you took the walk albeit a slow one! Reading this has left me in tears. Tears of joy as i can actually feel you. Oh, how I thank God for a second chance at life. I believe you will only get better, for a testimony. I was involved in a road accident on Thursday this week. God protected me in a mighty way. I only suffered minor injury, no broken bones. That's our God! Even in the deepest Valley the Lord does not abandon us. He sends helpers our way to hold our hand. May God bless everyone who stood by you when you needed it most. Amen.

I am grateful to God for his hand upon my life through the years. Am a testimony....that's for another day lol.
I thank God for my family and friends who have been a source of support for me. The people who accept me just as i am and love me unconditionally.
I thank God for a heart that bleeds at the predicament of other people. My joy is complete when I leave beautiful marks in people's lives.
I thank God for the opportunity to meet new people at Mingle and the good friends I have made. If I never find true love here, it is still a win for me. I treasure each one of my friends.
And I thank God for my lasting true love. I feel am closer to finding rest now than when I first signed up! Amen.

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Sat 09/03/16 12:40 PM
Very deep and sentimental. Has brought memories alive....

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